Up and Over

Up and Over

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Flop, Headgear, Lombardi, Bling

The Thang:

Elevation Monday- great way to start the week!  Hitting the various elevations around MB, bridge, stairwells, garages- this has been a great new workout for most of us.  SO, when our AOQ Valvano put me on the Q, and then remind me im on Q, I had to come up with a solid workout. Chose Grande Dunes bridge, just because its the steepest!  sent a Slack message, had a few HC’s- that didnt show up.  Apparently Valvano cannot set an alarm clock on his phone (not buying that- he probably drank too much last night) and Boxcar who apparently was the victim of a shark attack (or sea cow) could not make it.  OC is out with OldMan knee, so the normal crew was limited.  funny how the only “SC” Flop seem to make it on time……

weather- 700% humidity.  Rolled in and away we go with the fearsome 4some.

had a Q written, but modified with the 4 of us to make it easy (on me- not them!). Grab your ruck and 60 pounder and start over the bridge.

we would carry our sandbags over the bridge each time.  dropping at the bottom of bridge and ruck to the golf course at the west end and the guard house on the east.  we were able to complete 4 total trips (8 times across the bridge) in the hour time- making it back to lot for 0557.

great work by all- honored to lead

announcements and prayers.

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