Village 2k

Village 2k

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One Call, Sunshine, Kitten, El Red Cardo, Rubber, Beefsteak, Texas Ranger, Brown Bag (respect), Quaker, War Eagle, Rocky Top, Humpback, Bling

The Thang:

Back to the Village to Q!  Always great to get out and see our “running group”!

picked up my partner in crime, #physicaltwins, and headed out over the Waterway.

“Do you have a plan for the Q?”

“not really”

“Not surprised…….. At least y0u wrote down a few notes……”  (Its great to have good friends). This should be an easy BB!

Weather- 33 clear and downright chilly.  One Call and I checked out the field, moved some goals for distances, and got back to the lot just in time

Disclaimer given, 13 total PAX- lets roll.

22 Merkins IC- #22Kills


1 burpee, 15 shoulder presses

20 IW IC (One Call had a tough time keeping up here – he only did 18.5)

2 burpees, 20 shoulder presses


3 burpees, 25 presses

20 Tempo squats IC

4 burpees, 30 presses

20 arm circles forward IC, 20 overhead claps IC, 20 arm circles backward IC

5 burpees, 35 presses.

line up for Indian run around AO- dont leave until runner ahead reaches the front of line.  all the way back to the parking lot and onto the field for DORA

1000 crunches

1000 flutters.

partner can either mosey 75 yards and back, or run backwards 35 yards and back- your option but get the 2000 reps done!  this took a while and I got a few comments about and easy BB??  #worksmarter

Its great to see all the PAX pick up the others with reps and encouragement- best part of F3 in my opinion,  the solid brotherhood!

mosey back to flag (I think)- lets finish as we started- 22 merkins IC.  TIME

Announcements- Q source, P200, get out and Q!

prayers for El Red Cardos mom and travel, unspoken.


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