Village Heavy Coupons

Village Heavy Coupons

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Vit D, El Red Cardo, Kitten, Skimmer, Crankbait, Beefsteak, Humpback , Rubber

The Thang:

Conditions: Warm and Muggy. YHC arrived at the AO a few minutes early prior to the other PAX, set the Iron Flag and browsed through a few old trusty beatdowns for some ideas for the gloom.  The day prior I had been discussing classical guitar with Houdini (2.0) as he is considering 6th grade band/orchestra, so i introduced him to classical Metalica. With the Black album on my mind, I decided that a beatdown allowing PAX to stay together would be great with some Metalica in the background.


Tempo Squats 20 IC
Windmill 20 IC
IW 20 IC
Little Baby Arm Circles 15 IC
Reverse 15 IC
Over Head Claps 15 IC

Mosey to coupon pile and each PAX grab heavy coupon

ALL PAX remain in the parking lot for (enter lots of grumbling from the PAX)

4 Corners escalator with coupon: corner 1, 10 Blockbees, mosey with coupon to; corner 2, add 20 kettle bell swings, mosey with coupon to; corner 3 add 30 curls, mosey with coupon to; corner 4, add 40 sumo squats with coupon.

4 Corners down escalator with coupon, repeat backwards.

Colt 45 with coupon: 15 lower 1/2 curls, 15 upper 1/2 curls, 15 full curls all with coupon

Block Webb: block merkins: overhead press 1:4 ratio until Q says when. 5:20 ration was reached.

Colt 45 with Coupon

PAX circle up at Flag


3 Min of plank of choice


Announcements: 2.0 Tuesday workouts at CF Rec Center 6:15-7

Prayers: mostly unspoken

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