Village Idiot B-day Party

Village Idiot B-day Party

Workout Date:





Rubber, Cold Feet, High Interest, Handy Manny, Crankbait, Skidmark, Gutter Ball, El Red Cardo, Double D, A Bear, War Eagle, Kitten, Red Coat, Mudslide

The Thang:

Conditions: Warm and Muggy, I had lots of thoughts going through my head as to represent on my b-day Q.  Do I use the number 43 as that is the number of years I’ve been on this large rock?  Nothing was really resonating.  I looked up b-day workouts on line and took screenshots of numerous cool body region workouts, but nothing was gaining traction.  At the last minute as I was driving at the AO I decided to begin with the burpee mile, but with scenic spin. Didn’t intend on becoming burpee 5K, but….

1 min warning:




Merkins 43 OYO

Windmills 15 IC

Imperial Walkers 20 IC

Mountain Climbers 20 IC

LBAC Forward 15 IC

LBAC Reverse 15 IC

Thang: Burpee Mile: All PAX began moseying toward 62nd Ave and Hwy 17 Bypass.  Upon Reaching Perin’s Path just in front of Lil Pigs all PAX circled up for 12 Burpees.  Mosey resumed down Perin’s Path and upon next wide opening PAX completed 12 more Burpees.  Mosey resumed until reaching entrance of “The Granddaddy” Pine Lakes Golf Course where all PAX completed 12 more burpees.  All PAX began the return mosey home and again stopped at wide open area for 10 more burpees.  PAX then continued mosey until reaching the AO parking lot.

Mosey to basketball court

Modified Euchre Deck of Death to Classic Rock beat.  Typical deck of death but with only cards 10-Ace (14 reps) including Jokers.  Deck of death to be performed as follows:  Basketball court divided into thirds with cones.  Spades, drop and complete burps the number shown on card; Clubs, bear crawl to first cone and complete squats the number on card; Diamonds, lunge walk to second cone and perform diamond merkins the number on the card; Hearts, mosey to far end of court and perform BBSU the number on card.


Announcements: New Mission AO, 3rd F coming soon at Warthog, 2.0 workouts coming on Tuesdays,  Conway Sat workouts launching at republic, Adaptive surf looking for volunteers.

Prayers given by Kitten

Honored to lead on my b-day and great to see 3 visitors coming to our AOs.

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