V’s 5 year…sort of

V’s 5 year…sort of

Workout Date:





Hoser, FirstBase, Karma, SpinalTap, Snips, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: Clear and Cool.  Perfect weather.

Valvano’s 5 year F3 Anniversary was on the schedule for today which means he started F3 just as he turned 21.   Family Obligations took him to MtPleasant so the Q opened up and YHC took the helm thinking there was still time to put together an awesome tribute beatdown for Valvano full of suicides and some sort of basketball reference but Thursday quickly turned into Friday and trying to fit in my 5 miler Friday afternoon before heading out to hang out with Lombardi and our M’s to see Castaway graduate from Leadership Grand Strand…well then it just go away from me.  Hoser called for a pre-ruck at 0600 and YHC was happy to oblige for 3.25 miles getting back in time for the workout to an almost empty parking lot.  PAX started showing and it was time to roll…and then SpinalTap rolls in as well.

2 Minute Warning


Slow Warmup Mosey 1 lap around the track.

YHC led PAX in some stretches.

Sprint 100 – Walk Curve – Sprint 100 – Walk Curve

Sprint 200 – Walk 200

Sprint 300 – Walk 100

Sprint 400

Walk 400

Sprint 100 – Walk Curve – Sprint 100 – Walk to the bridge.

11s over the bridge – merkins and burpees

To the playground for 2 sets:

-5 Pull-ups

-10 Merkins

-15 Squats

Stretch and Time.


Announcements – FreedToBleed July 16th.  June Convergence for F3 GrandStrand/Warthog 6 Year Anniversary – Details coming soon.  Karma asked that PAX keep coming out to post and bringing along other PAX.

Prayers – PAX and their families.  Joe Sarria – Florida Sheriff’s deputy, former Jacksonville PD and Atlanta PD, Army Veteran and father who lost his battle with alcoholism and depression.

Moleskin – Sorry Valvano for not coming up with something more themed for your 5 Year anniversary but YHC hates suicides and the sprints were pretty close.  Not sure what you would have had in store but we all know it would have been well thought out.  Congrats on 5 Years and thank you for your leadership to the PAX of F3GrandStrand and those around you during this time!  Hopefully, we all got a good workout.  Hoser pushed through a hip injury, Snips and FirstBase came out of nowhere on some of those sprints.  FirstBase, it was great to have you out at the #Mothership.  Karma can sprint 100 like no one’s business and can sprint 200 if you tell him you are going 3oo and 300 if you tell him you are going 400.  He figured it out and pushed hard through the 400 sprint/run though.  Good work.  SpinalTap pushed hard the whole time and YHC was playing catch up trying to not let him lap me on the 11s!  Awesome work by all!


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