Waverucker 2/5

Waverucker 2/5

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Lombardi, Rousey, Disconnect, Bling

The Thang:

ok- here we are.  2 weeks out from the Bragg Heavy- final prep work needs to be completed as Valvano, One Call and I head up there next weekend for a quick workout!  I appreciate Rousey handing over the Q to me last night.  Not that he would have done a good job (he does all the time), I just wanted to continue the running/lifting/pushing the pace as we finish training.  (he’s on next week by the way- so show up!!)

Weather- 59 and clear, perfect for shorts!

our usual Slack channel was upbeat ahead of time with HC’s.  A couple on IR, sick, and sleeping in this am- but we roll nonetheless!

80 and 60 pound sandbags ready to roll, the 4 of us had work to do.

on the track- 1 lap ruck and 1 lap mosey to warm up.  Grab the bags and head towards the deck long way around Forbus.  try and keep faster pace than usual (tough with the bags though!). I called out the swaps to give breaks.  At the top of the deck we dropped bags and rucks to prepare for the 1st cycle.  Me and Rousey, Lombardi & Disconnect partner up.

Assessment test- 1 minute hand-release merkins, 1 minute hatchling sit ups, 1 minute clean and squat (either 80, 60, or ruck).  So while 1 partner was doing the 1 minute AMRAP, the other would run to and take the stairs down and up.  This turned out to work perfectly as the timing of the stairs was about 1 minute as well.  bad news was there was no break in between!  Great work and heavy breathing!

1 minute rest- grab bags and head down the incline and out to Valor park for Cycle 2.

partner 1- step ups on the fountain.  either ruck on, ruck off, or ruck and sandbag.  AMRAP

partner 2- 4 corner runs.  sprint to corner, walk to corner, sprint corner, walk back to start.

repeat 2 times thru.  again, no rest as you go straight from step ups to running.  appreciate the hard push gents.

0515- time to push ourselves on a long ruck to the planes and back.  Left the bags hidden well!  And made our way down and back.  Solid chatter, fast pace, good times.  by the time we made it back to the bags and the AO- 0557!  Perfect timing (as usual on my Q’s)

prayers for PAX- sickness, IR, etc.  prayed out!


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