Waverucker Birthday VQ

Waverucker Birthday VQ

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Kiwi (double Respect)


One Call, Headgear, Fergie,Jedah, Cotton Candy, Valvano, Hoser, Headgear, Bling, Lombardi (Respect), Billboard (Respect) Geno (Respect), Rousey (Respect), Manziel (Respect),

The Thang:

AO Waverucker

Conditions: 70s dry and lower humidity

Well the big day was finally here! Not only my VQ at Waverucker which is an awesome AO that provides an excellent 1.5 hour beat down and offers lots of options but also my birthday Q.  I arrived to find Headgear at the AO as if he had spent the night which would not be surprising considering the grueling test Valvano and he are up against this weekend with a HTL GrowRuck event in Greenville.  As you might imagine the studs that hang out at this AO are intimidating but always welcoming others to come out and experience rucking at its best.  Not one to want to let anyone down I tried to think up a challenging Q that would test every level of # HIM that was there while continuing to try and prepare Rousey, Manziel and myself for our upcoming Spartan later this month.  I had requested rucks and bags which meant all had somewhere between 70(me) and 110 (lbs) probably a few.

4;30 : Was caught a little off guard with all the chatter and gave a very brief one minute warning.

4:31 Disclaimer where I told all they could sue F3, myself, and Myrtle Beach and One call started taking notes and others looked on questioningly but I also expounded on how they were here of their own volition and to modify and take care of themselves.

4:32 Mission statement

4:33: Warm up all in cadence

Windmills – 10

TTT – 15

Harry Rockettes – some mumble chatter of this not being Catapult so why are we doing this exercise ha ha – 15

SSH – 20

Tempo Squats – 15

LBAC – F/B – 15

Warm up lap around the track to shut up the mumble chatter which is not possible with this group making it all the more fun although they did all take their time with the exception of Billboard (R) who kept me moving forward and on task.

Ruck up and bag up for a one mile lap around the lake – with a short break on the opposite side – much harder than you might think due to the weight and all were feeling it. Fergie had a sandbag blow out halfway around but managed to make a repair on the move and all made it back to the track ready to ditch some weight.

This was the point where I started to hear some moaning because I showed them one of the two Doras that would be performed consisting of

  • 300 squats
  • 200 overhead presses – rucks
  • 100 burpees
  • At this point they were all seriously considering if the old man had lost his marbles and most know that I have but then I explained it would be teams of 3 doing this Dora with one performing exercises one moseying across the field to the other side of the track where the third would be performing another Dora consisting of:
  • 300 2 count flutters
  • 200 LBCs
  • 100 American Hammers

So all would be in motion until the 1200 exercises were complete.  A little less mutterchatter but all not sure if this was going to work as planned.

We had one group of 4 with Rousey, Lombardi, Jedah, and myself since we had an odd number and Lombardi had a bum shoulder (he produced all the squats for us (HIM).  Well the PT went good but all finished the second Dora quicker so we just kind of group squatted the other groups squats with all PAXs doing 30.  Good work by all and a good beat down.

We then returned the bags to the parking lot with a quick regroup then off for another walk with rucks only.  We walked to the top of the large parking deck and there performed three rounds of curls for girls at the top running down to the next level for three rounds of merkins both totaling – yes you guess it – 60 – good spot to finish PT and ruck back to the parking lot for COT.

I failed to mention that somewhere along the way – I was told that Valvano and Headgear needed to stretch their legs and broke off from the group for their own ruck which was secret for making a coffeteria run for donuts and java in celebration of my 60th birthday and VQ – greatly appreciated!

Count-o-Rama – 15


COT:  Lombardi who really should be the mayor of Myrtle Beach and is my longest running friendship (along with Geno) at 20 + years brought tears to my eyes with kind words about my love of family (very true) and other probably undeserved compliments which blessed my day but then everyone of these men blessed my day – One Call with a double respect patch and long leadership for this region,  Lombardi with his kind words (including reminding us of how good looking Farrah Fawcett was in the day), Headgear and Valvano with the coffeteria and HIM example, Manziel with an impressive fitness level at 55 that shows me all I can be, Fergie with his always smiling face and positive attitude, Hoser with his quiet dry wit that surfaces at surprising times but always brings smiles, Geno for taking a lot of crap (some deserved) but giving it back in measure, Billboard with a smile that I dare you not to smile back at, Boxcar for a quiet presence and quick friendship to this old HIM, Rousey for always embracing the suck and telling me you got this, Cotton Candy for coaching kids and coming back out to give his all, Jedah for talking continuously (I think he has gills he breathes through) and last but certainly not least – Bling – true to his name shining through with humor and a cutting word for all that makes us laugh continually while breathing hard and fighting the suck.

What is true about F3 is that it could of been a completely different group of PAX but it would not be hard to find kind words about them as well because all of the F3 PAX I have met invigorate me and each other with various forms of leadership – even the newest – making it the best organization I have been a part of in a long time.

Annoucements – Freed to Bleed – July 16, Spartan – June 27, Sasquatch CSAUP – July 31

Prayers – both spoken and unspoken given by YHC




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