Waverucker monthly challenge

Waverucker monthly challenge

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The Thang:

Wednesday Waverucker- best day of the week as I always state.  Great HIM, great fellowship, and great push/determination by all…. always.

I am leading my “GoRuck Light Special” this Saturday- so was looking to get some miles in and take it easy this week.  #paincomesoutearlySaturday.

But, as we received the monthly Ruck Callout Lucky 7’s, we needed to get 7 ruck workouts in for the month, and since I was behind after travel, I made the Presidential decision to change the workout last minute.  #suckitupGeno.

So instead of just rucking the miles, we added some PT!  Bromance buddies pulled in at 0425 with plenty of cars in the lot and ready to roll!

rucked over to the bridge and gave the gist of the workout- went as so:

ruck the 1.1 lake loop- then PT

10 Rounds of the following with Ruck (300 total reps)

10 squats

10 merkins

10 American hammers or Russian twists

1.1 mile loop- then PT

10 Rounds of the following with Ruck (300 total reps)

10 Russian twists

10 curls

10 overhead squats

1.1 mile loop (at a slightly faster speed). TIME!

solid push, solid fellowship.  Announcements (GoRuck Light training this Sat.)

prayers- Geno’s dad, Jemison family, Momma Fritz, unspoken.  Honor as always


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