WaveRucker VQ – Bear With Me!

WaveRucker VQ – Bear With Me!

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Hoser, Bling, Turn and Cough, Headgear, Disconnect, Texas Ranger and Lombardi

The Thang:

Conditions: Brisk 40s and windy!

YHC/QIC’s first Q at this “elite” ruck based AO after posting on and off for apx. 18 months.  The veteran Pax here have consistently lead some awesome workouts!  We’ve team carried logs, spent 3 hours doing 12 mile rucks, stair carried 60+ lb. sandbags, Surfees, and other mayhem.  Always open to all fitness levels, but scalable to smoke even the fittest of rucker!  YHC wanted to step up and Q to give the pros a break.  This morning would be a simple, but brutal (hopefully) beatdown with ruck PT and some miles.  YHC would use a Ruck.Beer WOD that he’s endeavored to do on a weekly basis to prep him for 2020 GORUCK events — the “Bear With Me”!

8 #HIM showed up at Forbus Court — Market Commons.  2 50+ lb. sandbags identified.  One minute warning, welcome to F3, abbreviated disclaimer, and we got to work…

WARM-UP/TRANSITION: Pax rucked at a brisk pace directly to Valor Memorial Garden crossing the bridge splitting the lake.  1 sandbag per 4 Pax that was continually swapped out endeavoring to keep the pace on all movements this morning at apx. sub 16 min. mile.

SEGMENT 1: Bear With Me WOD.  At the large long sidewalk under the portico by the garden Pax would bearcrawl (w/ ruck on) 5Y forward, turn around, and 5Y back and do 20 reps of 1 exercise (w/ ruck) that were Merkins, Squats, 4 ct. Flutter Kicks (ruck overhead), Curls and 4 ct. Mountain Climbers.  So, 10 Y of BC in between each 20 rep. exercise.  Not one round, but 2 brother!

SEGMENT 2: Miles.  Ruck to Warbird Park.  Upon reaching our destination, Pax paired up, each Pax did 50 strict form Big Boy Sit Ups with partner quality controlling form and holding feet.  Ruck back to Valor Garden.  2.1 miles in total.

SEGMENT 3: Bear With Me.  1 more round!  Embrace the suck!  Pax then rucked back to the COT.

Cool down and time!  Bling handed out the sweet Zero Dark Thirty completion patches.

Abbreviated COR and NOR.
Praise report/Prayer requests: spoken and unspoken.
BOM by Lombardi.

Announcements: Check out F3 Grandstrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  Plenty of 1st F, 2nd F (12/21 F3 Grandstrand and Republic combined “ugly Christmas sweater” themed convergence at the #Nuthouse at 0700 and Milk & Cookies Ruck at Socastee ES at 1100 Flop on Q) and 3rd F opportunities (multiple Bible & leadership studies in January 2020!) and events throughout the region.

NMMS: Great job this morning…BWM is a very tough workout!  Everyone put in the work!  Great #mumblechatter too…YHC’s and Lombardi’s discussion of the Grumman Corsair (while at Warbird Park), its role in the Vietnam War protecting rescue helicopters (that my dad flew) and its showpiece in the late 70s show Ba Ba Blacksheep “may” have dated us — lol.

Honor to lead!


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