WaveRucking With Weasel

WaveRucking With Weasel

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Fergie, Hoser, Headgear, Jeter, Weasel

The Thang:

Well…. the LAST Waverucker of 2021.


I was finally able to get back on the Q sheet for ONE of my favorite workouts, (Friday Morning Lights is starting to grow on me).  I set my alarm for 0300, smashed the snooze button, popped up after the M just went to bed (had to stay on at the hospital since they are so short staffed til 1am…)  and hauled tail south.  I stopped on the way to grab a cup of joe…  its a long ride from the north end of Longs down to Market Commons, wasnt sure if i could make it without a coffee fix.

I arrived to the AO around 4:10 and started set up.  My game plan was pretty simple.. walk far and fast, with a quick smoke session at the end.  I hope I did not disappoint.  I sent out a pre-blast last week, saying HC w/ a partner, pants and sleeves recommended, bags and rucks…. and none of it took hold, but thats ok.. We had an Odd Number, But they had what they needed so we can make it work..

At 0433 we took off on a route around market commons:

We finished in just under an Hour.. It was 5:23 when i checked the parking lot when we got back, so we’ll call it 50mins.  13:45/Mile Pace.. which to 2 of us seemed slow, but apparently to smaller end it was lightening fast!  Anyways, YHC already cracked enough short jokes at Headgear so ill leave it be.  Now Down to Business…


Here is a layout of the Course YHC Set up…

Please do not Judge based off my abilities in Microsoft Paint.  This may be the first time i have used it in a very long time.  The Concept is a team race.  Here are the finer details

Start in Down Merkin Position.   Both Teammates have Rucks/Bags.  At start each take off and sprint to first cone where they get down into a low crawl position and low Crawl 10 Yds.  At next cone transition to High Crawl.  At next cone transition  and sprint to next cone, zig zag through and drop bags and rucks at end.  Complete 10 Burpees, 10 Big Boys and 10 Merkins.  Fireman Carry your teammate back through cones all the way back to start.  Switch Partners and Fireman carry all the way back to End.  Now Both Partners grab both there gear and Egress out the exact opposite way they went in… Zig Zag, High Crawl, Low Crawl, Sprint..

Pretty brutal, and my elbows are feeling it now that i am typing.  That was round 1!!  Rinse and Repeat!!  This time we did not complete the firemans carry, but each team member went down and back twice w/ all gear.

After Round 2 we moved back to start area and stretched it out for 8 mins.  TIME!!

Smoke Session Complete, I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas now its time to get back to the grind




Prayer Requests-  Jeter is in process of application w/ NMB PD and is asking for prayers he gets cleared and accepted

I lead us out.


Thanks for Posting!



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