We only have an hour….

We only have an hour….

Workout Date:





Hoser, Bling, Headgear, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Wet from all the rain yesterday, but nice and cool and crisp with a solid breeze to keep us even colder

The last 2 weeks it’s just been Bling and me on Monday….so it was nice to get a HC from Hoser…especially after Bling apparently semi-committed to Elevation-RUN-Day by posting in the wrong channel. #ReadingIsHard. Then Headgear chimed in with a HC so we had a nice 4some this am. Said hi and bye to the 3 running studs and we went to the track with our rucks and bags.

Ruck lap to warm up
Ruck sandbag lap to continue warming up. Now the work could begin.

½ lap ruck with ruck on and carry sandbag overhead
Bling completed this non-stop like a stud. Of course, that made him fairly worthless for the rest of the workout, but he shot his shot early! Hoser too finished like a stud…only stopping for a brief second or 2 for a rest. Soto and YHC had to readjust and slow down a few times. We regrouped…and….

Drop sandbag; With Ruck, do:
25 curls
25 squats
25 LBCs holding ruck

Leave sandbag and with rucks on our backs, we rucked the turn, and to the stadium stairs and up and over and down and again and to the other corner of the track (our starting point)
With Ruck, do:
20 curls
20 squats
20 LBCs holding ruck

Then we OH hold our rucks and walked to the sandbags
With the sandbags we then did 15 reps of the 3 exercises

The next round was to put ruck on; Pick up sandbag and front carry in your carry of choice (Bear hug, zelcher hold, Hoser hold) ½ lap to the starting line

Drop sandbag; With Ruck, do:
25 tricep extensions
25 lunges
25 BBSUs

Put rucks on and turn around to walk up and down the stairs again and then around to the far corner of the track where we did 20 reps of the 3 exercises

We then front carried our rucks back to the bags and did 15 reps of each exercise with the sandbags

At this point, we were 1/3 done with my #weinke and it was 5:51. Apparently, my timing was way off on how long things would take us. Bling reminded me that the workout ended at 6 and he refused to stay 1 second longer! So I modified and had us ruck up, and farmer carry right arm only the sandbags 100 meters where we dropped the bags and did 20 upright rows with ruck; 20 ruck swings, and 20 2 count flutters. We then farmer carried our bags the 100 meters back in our left hands and with 1 minute to go, we each did 22 merkins.

Everyone seemed thoroughly smoked although there are some nonsensical messages in slack! HA!

We joined Drifter and Candy Cane for a great COT (Castaway ran but had to leave right away) with prayer requests for Manziel today and for the unspoken requests as well as healing the injured PAX.

– Nant’an handoff Saturday at Warthog at 0700. Pre-work will be announced. Running, rucking, biking. I won’t reiterate what Soto said in his slack message and email, but read that. He sums it up perfectly!!! Keep growing and building more leaders. Stepping up to lead is a huge step and what F3 is all about!
– Manziel’s dad Joe’s celebration of life today at 1100. Check details in slack.
– #3rdF opportunity for a men’s conference in Wilmington, NC – check out details here. This was actually something my church went to last year and loved it so they are doing it again and put it out to whoever for a group rate to save some money. Rousey posted it in #mumblechatter
– Next scheduled blood drive at St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church is Friday, February 24th. There is no good reason not to give blood. You save lives and it costs you nothing. In fact, studies show it is good for you mentally and physically. Not to mention free snacks, juice boxes, and oftentimes, swag. If you can’t make the drives, just sign up and go to your local location…for CF it’s right there near Kroger on Renee Drive.