We should always wear tacky tank tops…and JEGGINGS!

We should always wear tacky tank tops…and JEGGINGS!

Workout Date:





Varsity, Podcast, Bubbles, Geno, Franklin, Hoser, Brown Bag, Goldberg, Quaker, Buffett, Vitamin D, Rousey, Weedeater, Flash, Mona Lisa (DR PAX), OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

A chilly 52 with a strong wind, wet ground from all the rain, but NOTHING stops us from wearing tanks and awesome costumes!!  Time for our 4th annual Halloween Convergence.  The numbers were a little low, but we had a lot of guys DR or at soccer games, so we kept things intimate!  It was awesome to see everyone and especially the great outfits!  We for sure impressed FiA, and the pay-FiA that took our picture!!  #CantStopUs #CantStopStaring

1 minute warning

Told the PAX about Master Trooper Kevin Conner who I posted about in Slack the other day.  A great individual who was needlessly killed while he was serving the folks of Columbus County.  To honor him, and his badge # 551, we silently did our COP with 5 Merkins IC and 51 SSHs IC  #AllRespectBrother

We then went to the driest ground we could find….

Basically a trick, or really TREAT workout, were I had a basket of treats (exercises), and in rotating fashion the PAX would pick one out, and we would do them!  31 reps for each.  The Trick was I had given Hoser, Geno, and our visiting PAX Mona Lisa candy (they were the 1st 3 there).  They could eat it, which Hoser almost did, or hold it and turn it in to change an exercise from 31 reps to 13!  The question was what would they use it on!!!   I am listing the exercises below…the order is off cause I don’t know exactly in what order we did everything…but the groupings wound up being split up pretty good so we didn’t smoke a body part too bad, at least not all at once, but cumulatively….that’s a different story

31 Merkins – single count
31 Diamond Merkins – single count
31 Wide Arm Merkins – single count
31 Carolina Dry Docks – single count
31 Staggered Merkins – single count

31 Air Presses – 4 count
31 Dirty Birds – 4 count

I had two extra Tricks – which were the Picker’s choice
Quaker got one early, and called…BURPEES??  What??
A candy was turned in to make this 13

Hoser got one later on and we did pretzel crunches – 31 each side.

31 Flutters – 4 count
31 LBC’s – 4 count
31 BBSU’s – single count
31 Zombie Turkish Get-ups – single count – GENO used a candy – he hates these
31 American Hammers – 4 count
31 Heels to Heaven – single count

31 SSH’s – 4 count
31 Plank Jacks – 4 count
31 WhittleFlops – single count
31 Burpees – single count – HAHA – they came out again – nobody used the 3rd candy
31 Lateral Jumps – 2 count
31 Mountain Climbers – 2 count

31 Tempo Squats – single count
31 Jump Squats – single count
31 Prisoner Squats – single count
31 Sumo Squats – single count
31 Lunges – single count

31 seconds High Plank, then low plank
31 Crab Jacks – single count
31(x2) seconds of Superman

So there were all the treats….and we had more time…so…

Find a man across the way, make eye contact, and MONKEY HUMPERS x 31 IC

Hand Release merkins x 31!!!  NOPE.  Hoser pulled the candy out…of his mouth….and we did 13!

-Everyone Bear Crawl around the circle 2 at a time
-Everyone hold Al Gore – 1 squat all around, 2, 3, 4, 5
-22 Merkins – #22Kills


Count-O-Rama – 16
PRAISE report for Vitamin D’s FIL
Prayer requests for kids in the NICU
Prayer requests unspoken

– Definitely one of the most fun workouts…at least to see how people dress!!!  Hope everyone enjoyed the beatdown, and some of the tunes…even tho the Cranberries Zombie got critiqued pretty bad!!
– It looked like at 1st Buffett and Goldberg were gonna go at it….Ultimate Warrior versus Rey Mysterio….thankfully they held off on a WWE style brawl!
– Quaker looks AMAZING with hair.  He should regularly wear that wig.
– I had the pleasure of doing monkey humpers while staring into Rousey’s clown face.  Gotta say, better than his normal face!! HAHA!!  JK!!
– Podcast and Varsity showed up without costume or tank.  Luckily, YHC had found a lovely ribbed racerback pink tank set on Amazon and ordered them.  Each wore and sported those looking sharp!!  #GoodSports
– Thanks again as always to Flash wearing next to nothing..since, well, he had the physique to do so!!
– Weedeater went full on Joe Dirt, and it was incredible!
– Bubbles has a tattoo!!!  And apparently a #TrampStamp of some sort
– ANYTIME Geno is at your Q, add a lot of Turkish Getups!!!!  He complains sooooo much!!!
– Franklin raided the M’s closet for his “sparkle” tank.  Then showed some people at #coffeeteria to much applause!
– Brown Bag was a dead head….truth?  #BackInTheDay
– Hoser and Vitamin were sporting the school sports gear/outfits looking good!  #GloryDays
– Our guest Mona Lisa pulled out the Shaggy costume!!  Great job joining our crazy fun and having a costume while on a golf retreat!!!

– #TheVillage shirts are out!!!  Check em out!!  Sweet design!!  Rubber is Q’ing the shirt order
– WPDE Good Morning Carolinas will be on-site on Thursday November 15 from 0500-0700.  It’s earlier and later, so come out, early and stay late, if you can!!



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