Wear a Cup Next Time

Wear a Cup Next Time

Workout Date:





O'Doul's, Kiwi, Rousey, Hedgehog, Sprinkles, 1st Base, Killington, Bikini Wax. Skippah

The Thang:

Warm up- Little babies forwards and back, cherry pickers, Merkins, Side Straddle Hop, Harry Rockettes, and more Merkins. Mosey around the AO.

Workout- Dora with partners- 200 curls, 200 overhead press, 200 LBCs

Next we did 11s with Merkins and squats whilst jumping over the outfield fence in between exercises. We almost had a ER visit when Hedgehog injured his jr. Hedgehog on the chain link fence

We ended the workout by doing burnouts of PAX choice of arm exercises to Thunderstruck. Any exercise was acceptable you just can’t drop the coupon.

COT- Prayer for Hedgehog’s stepmother.

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