Welcome Back, Kotter (sorta)

Welcome Back, Kotter (sorta)

Workout Date:





Jeter, Crabs, First Base (AOQ), O'Douls, Judge Judy, Boxcar, Gino (R), Hedgehog (Q)

The Thang:

6.23.2022 was my last beatdown. 21 days (3 weeks) is by far the longest I have fartsacked since my F3 journey began a year and a half ago. Waking up after it’s light out instantly makes you feel alive. However, I would then walk into the bathroom and see myself in the mirror and think, “damn… you should have went to F3 this morning.” Apparently I kept forgetting that thought when I went to set my alarm each night.

First Base text me Tuesday and asked me how things were going and I told him I was planning on being out there Thursday. He then asked if that was an HC and offer to Q… I said, “Yes sir.” I had no choice now…

I arrived with about 7 mins to spare and O’Douls was hanging in his truck. We walked over to the circle, planted the flag and with that 6 more PAX rolled in before the 1 minute warning. We waited for Killington….

and waited some more….

then we waited a little longer….

By that time it was 5:55, we did announcements and I prayed us out. And Killington still has not been heard from since.

Honor to Lead.


Oh wait.. that’s not what happened, well half of it did. Killington never showed up after a “see you in the gloom” text last night, but we still did that beatdown we came for…

COP: (IC, x15)
-Hairy Rockettes
-Willy Mays Hayes
-Tempo Squat
-Imperial Walkers
-LBAC (forward and reverse)
-Cherry Pickers

Indian Run around around AO and finish at cross.

At Cross:
-25 dips
-25 stepups

Slosey over to first island at big lot.

At island:
-Instructed PAX that we will go to other end of lot and make a left at the island and finish at the pavers heading towards ball fields, then slosey to concession stand behind home plate. Had choice of bear crawl or lunge walk and could switch back and forth.

10 count

At concession stand:
-10 monkey humpers OYO
-30 LBCs OYO

Mosey to coupon pile

Grabbed coupons and went over to the beginning of parking spots heading down backside of church.

-We did Blockee’s, then rifle carrry to cone about 60′ away and then did Overhead Presses
-6 Blockee’s, rifle carry, 1 OH press, rifle carry, 5 Blockee’s, rifle carry, 2 OH Press, etc…..

I didn’t rifle carry the whole thing and it was still an absolute smoker.

Mosey over to flag.

Partnered Up and did the following exercises:
-60 Merkins (One partner does 10 while the other holds plank, and then switch until complete)
-60 Squats (One partner does 10 while the other holds an air squat, and then switch until complete)
-60 Flutters (One partner does 10 while the other does a 6″ hold, and then switch until complete)

Mosey around AO and finish where we left coupons. Grab coupons and rack them.

Meet back at flag for MARY.

All PAX called an exercise, but before calling the exercise they stated at least one thing they were grateful for.
-Penguin, YHC
-Brown Eye to the Sky, Jeter
-Iron Maiden Cross, Crabs
-Box Cutters, First Base
-Outlaw, O’Douls
-Dying Cockroach, Judge Judy
-Stretch, Boxcar
-Plank, Gino


Count-A-Rama: 8


Announcement: 2nd F Happy Hour next Thursday at GSB, 6pm

Prayers: Families traveling, health of our children, all of us as leaders

It was great to be back and truly an honor to lead!