Wet, Hard Men!

Wet, Hard Men!

Workout Date:





Valvano, Lombardi, Jeter, Fergie, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Amazing from 0430-0540; then the bottom fell out.

There was a very very high likelihood of rain when the men were checking yesterday.  Well, when Boxcar was checking.  So, to encourage numbers I had an alternate deck Q planned.  But when the weather was amazing at first, I went with Plan A, which was to revive an old and brutal Q that Bling wanted since he missed it years ago when I did it.  And then he missed it again today, but whatever.  LOL.

The weinke used the fantastic Culinary School.  Luscious grass, bright letters, nicely distanced lights, really just a perfect location.

1 minute warning

Everyone Ruck up, grab a 60+lb sandbag

We rucked to the letters.  Plan was to see how many rounds we could get in in our time
The bright letters spell – CULINARY
Up Downs (basically a full burpee with a deadlift/good morning of the bag too)
Lunges (count each leg)
Imperial Squat Walker – up elbow right, squat, up elbow left, squat,
Nice Tris – Tricep extensions [Valvano did not like this last time, and he was super mad this time!  I reminded him that since we did curls before, we needed to even out the guns]
Al Gore hold with OH Press of Ruck
Russian Twist – Or Rocky Twists
YoYos – Burpee with sand bag throw, 3 up, 3 back

We would start with 2 reps at each letter, transporting sandbags with us along the letters.  At the “Y”, we did the YoYo each time.

Each round we would increase the reps by 2.  2, 4, 6 etc.  We made it to 10.  Last time we made it 12.  Wondered why.  V and YHC remembered – 1) we used much lighter sandbags and other weights like KB’s. 2) we did not do the exercises with our rucks on, which we did today and which made everything that much harder, and slower. 3) Our rucks (most of them if not all) are at least 45+ lbs now and not 20-30.

In addition to the CULINARY exercises, in between each round, we used the 4 beautiful lights for recovery.  Which was not recovery.  And which was awful.  Again, wearing rucks made a huge difference.
From the starting light to the 1st light – Bear Crawl there and Crawl Bear back
From the starting light to the 2nd light – Lunge walk there and Toy Soldier back
From the starting light to the 3rd light – OH Hold the ruck to that light and OH walk back

We then grabbed the sandbags and went back to “C”.

We did take a true recovery/“cool down” walk around the grassy island in between rounds 6 reps and 8
We never stopped moving and eventually we took a long ruck/sandbag stroll to the cars.

It started pouring big time around the 8 rep round and we got WET!  Everyone was hard…their muscles…(and whatever Jeter was talking about) from having gotten quite swole from all the exercises with heavy bags and rucks!  We were wet, hard men!


Count-O-Rama – 5
Prayer requests for Bling’s shoulder and any other injured PAX
Praise report for Jeter – 1 year post injury
Prayer requests unspoken

– We forgot how much things can suck and be awesome at the same time.  That was today.
– All 5 dudes pushed super hard and were pouring sweat.  The rain was acutally a nice cool down.
– Another great reason for BB’s is so you can review old beatdowns, bring em back, modify em, whatever!

– Freed to Bleed and lunch today.  36 dudes signed up so far.  Still plenty of room!


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