“What is Tecumseh” and other Fuzzy Recollections

“What is Tecumseh” and other Fuzzy Recollections

Workout Date:





PAX: Sade', Rubber, Spork, CrossStich, Brown Bag,, Ms Doubtfire, Humpback, ERC, Buffett, DoughBoy(FNG) Quaker (YHC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: Perfect

YHC has been MIA for over 2 months due to work commitments and Covid so getting back in the Gloom has been a struggle not only physically but also mentally. With that said, YHC was looking forward to Qing. Because I lost my fitness over the past few months, YHC had to keep the beatdown light; heck would I even remember the names of the exercises or how to count in cadence? I worked on a Weinke leading up to my Q and felt that it would be acceptable for the Pax. Read on to see what I think happened.

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 20 SSH IC; 15 Imperial Walkers IC; 22 Merkins IC; 15 TTT IC; 15 Windmills; 20 Hillbillies IC; 20 LBAC; recite F3 5 Core Principals; 20 LBAC in Reverse IC; recite F3 Mission Statement; recite F3 Motto

Mosey to Large Parking Lot

Pain’t the Lines

Mosey to the Concession Stand

10 Burpees

Mosey to the Shovel Flag and circle up.



F3 Jeopardy: 5 Categories – “F3 Exercises”; “Middle Names”; “The Presidents”; “F3 Terminology”; & “Potpourri”. Pax had the option to choose the number of reps (10, 20, 30,40,or 50) they wanted to bet on each category.

Sade  was first & chose “Middle Names” for 50 Reps

Answer: This is Harry S. Truman’s Middle Name

Question: “What is “S” – Harry Truman did not have a middle name

Note: Rubber thought he had a good guess and offered help to Sade. Even though Sade’ had no response he hesitantly acquiescenced to Rubber who offered up “Tecumseh” which the rest of the PAX quickly pointed out did not start with “S” nor have and “S” sound . .. Nice try Rubber but Tecumseh is actually the middle name of William Tecumseh Sherman who was a Civil War General but never a President.



Mosey to the Cross


Spork chose “F3 Exercises” for 40 reps & YHC reduced it to 30 reps for the FNG

Answer: This exercise is performed by bending at the knees and grabbing your ankles while pumping your rump up & down in cadence.

Question: What are Monkey Humpers – Spork gave the correct exercise name but failed to give it in the form of a question as required & aptly pointed out by Brown Bag.

30 Monkey Humpers IC

Note: early morning Monkey Humpers with 11 men in a circle is always a welcomed sight by all travelers along CF Blvd.


Mosey to the far corner of the Large Parking Lot.

Brown Bag selected “Potpouri” for 50 reps.

Answer: This is the age most untimely deaths of Rock Stars occur.

Question: What is age 27 . . . Brown Bag nailed it (Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janus Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones, Pigpen McKernan, Amy Winehouse)

Correct Response cut the rep count in ½

25 Merkins

Mosey to the Concession Stand – 10 Burpee OYO Intermission

Mosey to center of back parking lot & circle up.


Cross Stitch selects “ F3 Terminology” for 40 reps.

Answer: This term is given to fellow Pax who reaches the ripe age of 60 years.

Question: What is “Double Respect”



Mosey to the Shovel Flag (Where was the Shovel Flag? – Oh, yeah it was being cuddled by Beefsteak as he counted “Zzzz’s”) Note: Beefsteak EH’d our FNG!!


Not to exclude the new guy in all the fun, he was selected for the final Jeopardy Category, “The Presidents”

Answer: This President was the 1st President who’s father was also previously served as President (not George W. Bush).

Question: Who is John Quincy Adams (son of our 2nd President, John Adams). Our FNG with the help of all PAX did not get this one correct!

50 – 4ct Flutterkicks – are real Crowdpleaser.

Mosey to the front parking lot and line up shoulder to shoulder


3-2-1 Sprint 85% to the Cross

Line up shoulder to shoulder

3-2-1 Sprint 90% to the south corner of large parking lot

line up shoulder to shoulder

3-2-1 Sprint 95% to the north corner of the large parking lot

Mosey to the Concession Stand

10 Burpees – intermission to catch our breath


Mosey to the north end of the back parking lot.


Line up shoulder to shoulder

3-2-1 Sprint 100% to the light post in the middle of the lot

Line up shoulder to shoulder

3-2-1 Sprint everything you got (EYG)to the south end of the back parking lot.


Mosey to the Coupons

15 Curls IC

15 Overhead Press IC

15 Block Swings IC

10 Curls IC

Rack the Coupons –

Mosey to the Shovel Flag (Where was our AOQ, again??)

5:56 – Time Called

Count-o-Rama = 11


Name of the FNG: FNG was welcomed into the middle to the circle to tell us a little about himself.(Note: no pants were dropped). Beefsteak EH’d him at the YMCA. His brother-in-law (Kieser from Fort Mills) has been trying to get him out in the Gloom for over 1 year. He oversees operations for all Pizza Huts in the GrandStrand and Georgetown region. Suggested names were: “Pizza the Hut”; Domino; and many others pizza themed suggestions. Because our FNG’s sponsor (Beefsteak was MIA), YHC had the honor of dubbing our newest Pax . . .”DoughBoy”

Announcements: Freed to Bleed at end of October, Operation Christmas Shoebox (Pikachu has made the process E-A-S-Y; get on Slack, click the link, & get it done!!); Halloween Convergence at Warthog (10/30/2021)

Prayers/Praise Report – YHC prayed us out.

Moleskin: No tunes were played during this beatdown; limited exercises were performed; lots of laughs were had; Sprints are the new Burpees; everyone pushed themselves mentally & physically; no stretching was done (oops);and most importantly DoughBoy was welcomed into our brotherhood.

MMS: If this Backblast is not exactly as other PAX remember it YHC sincerely apologizes. My memory like the gloom quickly fades after a Q. After 2+ weeks between Beatdown and  Backblast, I’m happy that any of these ramblings reflect what went down!!


Always an Honor!!




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