What running?

What running?

Workout Date:





HotTub(R), BrownBag(R), Nuke (DR - Hampton Roads, R), Cyclone, CandyCane, Jeter, OneCall, Geno(R), Lombardi(R), Boxcar, Castaway, TinyDancer, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: ThePlank

Conditions: 75 degrees; 97% Humidity

Rolled into the AO about 20 minutes early to refine some ideas for today’s Q.  Then TinyDancer rolls up as well.  There goes the plan.  As we walk onto the field, a sweaty DR PAX, Nuke, from Hampton Roads comes running in as well.  Quick hellos and chats and warm up laps for each of us.  Still trying to put the finishing touches on today’s beatdown in my head.

2 Min Warning



SSH x15 IC

TTT x20 IC

Windmills x20 IC

Stretch OYO

Merkins x 22 OYO

Squats x20 IC

LittleBabyArmCircles x20 IC

OverheadClaps x20 IC

SealClaps x20 IC

CherryPickers x20 IC

Reverse LittleBabyArmCircles x20 IC

Mosey x1 Lap around the track

Line up on the goal line

Run to the 10 Yard Line, do 5 burpees, then back to the goal line. Wait on all PAX to start the next round.

Run to the 20 Yard Line, do 5 burpees, then back to the goal line. Wait on all PAX to start the next round.

Repeat all the way to the opposite goal line.

Mosey back down the field stopping every 10 yards for an exercise to be called out for 10 reps.  Wait on all PAX before continuing the next 10 yards.


Hand Release Merkins

Diamond Merkins

Carolina DryDocks

Wide Arm Merkins

Dive Bombers

Ranger Merkins

Peter Parker Merkins

Wide Arm Merkins

Explosive Merkins (come off the ground…clap if you’re a stud)

Turn around to head back down the field for some more.  Each exercise will be 10 reps.



Reverse Lunges

Squat Jumps

Calf Raises



Side Lunges

Double Pump Lunges (move forward 10 yards during this one)

Squat Jumps

Turn around and head back stopping every 20 yards for 5 burpees.

Circle up in the center of the field for a short broga session.

Time called.


Announcements: 2nd F festivities each third Thursday evening at Grand Strand Brewery (PAX owned).  Virtual options for the Christina Latini 8k on Sept 18th.  F3 Nation 10 Year Anniversary celebration October 8-10 in Cape Fear.  Register at www.f310year.com.  The price was just reduced back to $175 for the entire weekend.  Or you can jump in a clown car up for the Saturday morning beatdown. FreedToBleed Oct 29th, give blood and save some lives.  Plans are starting for the F3 GrandStrand Christmas Party.

Prayers: Spoken and Unspoken


I started receiving texts the night prior to this beatdown from a couple of PAX trying to gauge the amount of running that would be included in today’s beatdown….Lombardi and OneCall.  Well, I could try and beat Sunshine’s record of 13 laps or maybe I can change things up a little since I am apparently known to run during my Qs.  The mosey warmup lap is always a given just to get the blood flowing but I don’t really count the laps up and down the field when they are broken up with burpees, Merkins or any other exercise.  Anyway, the beatdown came together and everyone crushed it.  We need to have a race between CandyCane and Flash because CandyCane smoked all of us going down the field.  Cyclone wore his Hawkeye tshirt and even though I wasn’t a Hawkeye, there is something about seeing that yellow and black that makes me push harder and since I was the Q, I pushed us all a little harder.  (For those that know, I watched the Dan Gable wrestling video about 1000 times in high school and Coach Gable just knows how to get that extra push out of you).  Much RESPECT to our Respect PAX today: BrownBag, HotTub, Nuke, Geno, and Lombardi crushing out there.    Great work by all today!
Always an honor!



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