What’s that smell???

What’s that smell???

Workout Date:





Snips(R), Flash, Baggage, Manziel(R), Valvano, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: Muggy but maybe a little cooler than usual.  78 degrees; 92% humidity

Scoping out the AO the evening prior taking my 2.0 home from gymnastics practice and I see a figure running through the dark that can only be Flash.   I had to scope out the pallets of bricks first though to be sure they were there and thought I would cut Flash off on his way home but he was no where to be seen.   Now that he’s moved into his new pad near the Mothership, there have been many Flash sightings by PAX and apparently he doesn’t own any shirts.  Anyway, rolled into the AO with plenty of time for some ruck wrapping and Snips rolls in shortly after.  Flash pulls in to complete the Prius Army and then Baggage, Manziel and Valvano rolling in right at 0530.  Wow…if we change this start time back to 0515, he might not be able to make it on time!

1 minute warning

Disclaimer…that the Q doesn’t have a plan.

Mosey to the other side of the bridge for COP

SSH x15 IC

IW x15 IC

Windmills x15 IC

TTT x15 IC

Merkins x22 OYO

Mosey to the far corner of Valor park near the bricks.

The PAX found a stack that wasn’t covered in ants…we talked about Goldbergs spider bite and his new Spider-Man powers and then each grabbed two bricks.

At each corner the PAX would complete exercises for reps of 15 on my count and then overhead carry their bricks to the next corner going clockwise.

Overhead press x15

Curls x15

Front Raise x15

Side Raise x15

Tricep Extensions x15

This was repeated for each of the 4 corners.

Merkins x22 OYO

We attempted to mosey to the movie theatre going down Deville St but as we got closer, there was a horrible sewage stench that turned us back.  This was no joke and I took the PAX away from Deville the long way around back to the fountain just to get away from it.

At the circular fountain on Nevers St and Howard St:

StepUps (on the benches) x100

Box Jumps (on the fountain wall) x10

Back to Valor Park

Merkins x22 OYO

Mosey back to the bridge

Merkins x22 OYO


YHC – 4-Count Flutter Kicks x40 IC

Manziel – BoxCutters x15 IC

Snips – Floyd Mayweathers x15 IC

Baggage – Plank 1 Minute

Flash – Alternating Heel Taps x15 IC

Valvano – American Hammers (slow and fast) x25 IC

Mosey back to the Shovel Flag

Time called.


Announcements: 2nd F Third Thursdays at Grand Strand Brewery.  IronPAX Challenge starts next week and runs through September.  Registration is free and The Plank will host the workouts each Tuesday while Warthog will host each Thursday. Sept 18th – Christina Latini 8k. October 8-10, F3 10 year Anniversary in Cape Fear.  There are donated registrations if the cost is a concern.  Sign up quickly!  Or just go up for the workout on Saturday morning. October 29 is FreedToBleed.   F3 GrandStrand Christmas Party is being planned for a possible date of Dec 10 or 11.

Prayers:  Spoken and Unspoken.

Awesome work by the PAX today!   We have leaders in this group and F3 GrandStrand could use some help as we look for the next AOQ at each AO and for leaders to continue to step up to serve their fellow PAX on the Executive Committee.  It starts with your VQ!  Thank you all for posting today.  It’s always an honor to lead this group of #HIM.

-Headgear out!

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