When the Q is the 6!

When the Q is the 6!

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Lombardi (1 x R), Bling, Fergie, Castaway (#TP AOQ), Valvano (#EM AOQ), Headgear (Weasel Shaker), King James (Rousey's 2.0), and Rousey (1 x R; QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions: Upper 70s with the SC humidity flexing!

YHC/QIC’s turn at the helm of #Elevation Monday (EM) this morning!  Several of F3GS’s ruckers were tackling the GORUCK D-day T/B in Charleston, so YHC thought at the time to take the Q in case they needed a rest day (3 of them – Bling, Lombardi and Valvano – posted anyway…studs!).  Moreover, YHC’s 2.0 has begun his summer football conditioning program and YHC successfully sold him on how posting at #EM could potentially give him an edge for tryouts at TOMS (spoiler he did great w/ the extra weight and stairs — sniff).

This morning’s WOD would be an amalgamation of some components taken from the veteran ruckers plus YHC’s own signature pain station in hopes that the beatdown would be worthy of this crew (several of whom are training for an H/T/B – Headgear, Valvano and Bling!)

One minute warning, abbreviated welcome to F3 and disclaimer, explanation of overall #weinke, and we got after it…

WARM-UP: 1 easy-does-it ruck around the Doug Shaw Memorial Stadium track.

SEGMENT 1: Run 1 lap, then shuffle run w/ ruck 1 lap (or in YHC’s case a “shimmy”), then ruck 4 columns of stadium steps, and then ruck (w/ sand bag optional) them again, drag your sand bag to the opposite end zone, and finally 10 Merkins (ruck optional) – 15 upright rows – 20 strict form BBSUs (R&R the 3 waiting on 6).  When all had completed the round, QIC had a Pax (Castaway) lead us in 25 4-ct. Flutter Kicks (FKs) w/ ruck overhead…the twenty something year old had us do 30 and of course he was in front basically the whole time!

SEGMENT 2: Go do segment 1 again.  QIC “audibled” due to time constraints to skip the last set of stair climbs.

SEGMENT 3: QIC brought his handle-less 5 gallon bucket w/ 50#s of sand to wrap up this morning’s beatdown with an exclamation mark.  In a conveyer belt fashion, Pax 1 walked the bucket a minimum of 40 yards and returned it to the goal line, Pax 2 waited on 1 to return to grab the bucket and in the interim did AMRAP FKs w/ ruck overhead, and rest of Pax did an exercise called out by Pax 2 AMRAP.  Next Pax up and around we went until each had a turn w/ the bucket carry.

COOL DOWN: YHC had the Pax stretch OYO.

Shirts drenched.  Time!

Abbreviated COT
COR and NOR – 8.
Praise report/Prayer requests: Unspoken.

Announcements: Check out F3 GrandStrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  F3GS 6th year convergence 6/12 at 0700 (all AOs except Warthog closed), Fayetteville Spartan 6/28 (so far its Quaker, Kiwi, and YHC w/ others considering it), F3ENC CSAUP Sasquatch 7/31, 2021 summer 2.0 workout have started on Tuesdays (awesome job guys!), and more.

NMMS: Awesome job this morning!  YHC was among the rucking pros. and constantly basically found himself as the 6.  Heck, Fergie flew right by YHC on the 1st run around the track looking slim and fleet footed (his commitment to 1st F showing off!).  Nonetheless, always enjoy this AO as it tends to completely kick my butt, but that’s what its about getting 1% better by choosing the hard thing!  Its quite ok to be the 6 here w/ the brothers!

Honor to lead!


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