Where’s My Nipple Tape??

Where’s My Nipple Tape??

Workout Date:





Skimmer, Rubber, Backdraft, Kitten, El Red Cardo, Texas Ranger, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 76 degrees; No humidity; Beautiful

Every morning YHC wakes up with plenty of time to get to the Beatdown, but always arrive just before the 1 Minute Warning. How does that happen?? The first 30 minutes of YHC’s morning routine seems to last forever but the last 10 minutes  goes by in a wink of an eye! As usual YHC hustled out the door and made it to the Hulk to find 5 PAX stretching. ERC announced my late arrival with a Clown Horn. #nicetouch.  Texas Ranger was there, so was Skimmer & Backdraft. Kitten never misses run group. Unfortunately, Hottub is DR this week and Sunshine needed a personal day due to too many Blockees at #TheVillage yesterday (Wasn’t he the Q?)  YHC jumped out of the Truck, grab his running tunes, and asked, “Who’s on Q” . . . Nobody? . . . “Great I’ll take it . . . lets go!!”

No Minute Warning.

5:15 – AC/DC was cranked up and we were off into the Glorious Gloom.

Down Frontage Rd and under the bridge. A car approached and block our easy transition on to Colonel Bob Bell Path so we took a hard right onto a gravel road that led to a new walking/running park along the Intercoastal Waterway. Once in the park, we ran the large circular loop around a dry lake bed while keeping a close watch for any bears! (A bear was recently spotted on the service road that runs past the Battery and along Route 31). #Rule31-“Safety First”.  The park is adjacent to The Battery and would serve as our warm-up before the main event!

After completing the full loop we were back on the gravel road and headed out of the park, crossed Frontage Road, and started to ascend Col. Bob Bell Path.  This path leads up along Route 31, then International Drive and up and over the bridge (Mt Zeb) that spans the Intracoastal Waterway.

The plan for today was to never leave the Six behind so whenever the lead dogs got more than 50 yrds ahead of the rest of the group, they were instructed to loop to the back and pick up the Six. This method would allow for all paces and would encourage each PAX to push himself. This method also allowed for additional mileage and encouraged greater camaraderie because the PAX were constantly getting paired-up with different runners.

As we reached the summit of Mt. Jeb a lone figure emerged out of the Gloom. The PAX said they saw 2 lead runners ahead of them and then like magic there was a 3rd. It was none other than Rubber!! The PAX likened his arrive to the Parable discussing Jesus’ arrival on the Road to Damascus. At this Point the magic number of 7 was achieved!!

Rubber was on Q at the village and was super excited to be able to post his 1st Backblast after the beatdown. Unfortunately, Rubber was the only PAX to post at #TheVillage! So not receiving any objections from other PAX, Rubber decided to take a run. He wasn’t sure if he would find the Hulkamaniacs but a good ol’ run never hurt anyone!! #Accountability.

After meeting up with Rubber at the top of the bridge, the PAX descending Mt. Jeb and stayed straight on Col. Bob Bell Path.  Typically, we take a left past the Barc Parc but not today. Col. Bob Bell Path parallels International Drive and then loops out and parallels Route 17.

As we ran Col. Bob Bell Path, multiple PAX had the opportunity to be the lead dog and also loop back to pick up the Six. When everyone reached the intersection of 62nd Avenue and Route 17 we safely crossed the highway. The PAX paralleled Route 17 on Frontage Road then took a sharp right on to 65th Avenue and headed east. At the Village Gate we entered the AO for a full perimeter Indian Run. (Rubber needs something to write about in his debut BackBlast).

As we completed the Indian Run the Village Gate was locked. Lucky for us the other gate in the bus lot allowed an easy exit back onto Frontage Road. At the 62nd Avenue intersection YHC instructed the PAX to do Choppy Feet until the light changed and we were safely allowed to cross Hwy 17.

We then ran west on 62nd Avenue and turned left onto Claire Chapin Epps Drive. It was then onto the running path past the Barc Parc before we turned right onto Col. Bob Bell Path for our return trip to the Hulk. All PAX were instructed to “give it all they got” up to the top of the bridge. El Red Cardo led the charge followed by Kitten and YHC. At the top of the bridge we turned around and to pick up the Six one last time.

When Rubber reached the summit, he turned around and bid the remaining PAX farewell as he took a solo trip back to the Village. The rest of the Hulkamaniacs kicked up their strides for the final push back to the Hulk.

Time Called: 49 minutes

Total Miles: 4.48 to 5.25

Average Pace: 9:00 to 10:17

Count-o-Rama: 7


YHC prayed the PAX out with special prayers for Backdraft’s new life group/bible study and prayers for Kittens final few days on the GrandStrand before moving the family out to Clemson for the next chapter of his life!!

Moleskin: Great push by everyone today. It never gets easier; we just keep getting better. It was awesome to have another strong showing this morning with 7 PAX in attendance.



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