Where’s Texas Ranger, Saving the day somewhere

Where’s Texas Ranger, Saving the day somewhere

Workout Date:





Quaker (1sr F Q), Rousey, O’douls, Hojo, Kiwi, Candycane, Hambuglar, FNG, FNG, Pikachu (AOQ)

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

Conditions: 40 feels like 27. Cold and windy this am.

So there was some friendly Twitter banter between me and Texas Ranger. Spork the Bombsquad AOQ made a reference to Chuck Norris for Texas Ranger. I mentioned this was a strong reference as Chuck is a real life badass and the workout has allot to live up to. TR immediately popped back and said he would come to #Catapult to remind us of his badass workouts. So I looked at the Q sheet to get ready for this month and to my surprise “Chuck Norris” was on the Q sheet. Sweet, been a long time since I’ve worked out with TR as he’s spent the past year as the Village AOQ (just passed off to Castaway) and hard for me to get away from Catapult on the same days. Hambuglar text me last week and said he was bringing two FNG’s and posted on Twitter that of 10 Pax show up he’d workout in a Tiger tank top. Well, 10 pax baby, let’s go in the 27 degree morning. Although, Hambuglar is a next level human and I’m certain he didn’t feel a thing associated with the cold weather. As we are standing around with a strong mumble chatter, Quaker asked, Where’s our Q?. I figured he was saving the day somewhere as that’s what Chuck Norris does on every episode of Walker Texas Ranger. Takes on 10 guys in a Bar and his hat never leaves his head. That’s what I had envisioned this am. Ok, maybe that’s a little strong of a vision but sounds fun.

Looked at my watch and it was 5:14. Oh sh@#, it’s time to go. So looks like we scared the real life badass away this am. Or Mother Nature did. Lol. So I guess I’m the Q today and O’douls quickly spoke up and said let do “Spin the bottle” Q today. Perfect, random Q’s and you get 5 minutes to complete your series.

Let’s go!

1 minute (actually 15 second warning)

Proper Disclaimer

Lets mosey to our first location chosen by me and everyone circle up and spin the bottle. And it’s Hambuglar to start us out.

5 minutes of Suicides between light poles and Merkins at each location.

Circle up and spin, Kiwi is next. we go get blocks and we have the following

25curls, mosey to wall, 10 derkins on wall

25 Overhead Press mosey to wall, 10 monkey Humpers on the wall. This was different.

25 Bent over rows, mosey to wall, 20 two count Mtn Climbers

Circle up and Spin- Candycane is next

25 Tricep ext, mosey to wall, 25 squats

25 lion kings, mosey to wall 25 Merkins

25 Overhead press, mosey to wall, 25 two ct LBC

Circle up and spin, O’douls is next. Partner up for Dora

100 Merkins/ P2 carry block to house

100 LBC/ P2 carry block to house


No circle up, I chose Quaker to close us out. We mosey to concession stand and back to parking lot corner

25 Flutters 2ct IC

mosey to blocks

Colt 45’s IC.

Return blocks to pile and circle up at shovel flag.

Asked Rousey to lead us in a couple minutes of  stretching.


Count-O-Rama 10


Announcements, I missed those as we were running short on time and I was going to get my phone, but Quaker got those in for me.

Time to name out Two FNG’s.

This get a little fuzzy as the South African Accent is pretty strong  and all

First guy walks in and I have no idea what he he has said. All I know about the first guy is Hambuglar was dead set on T-Mobile. I don’t know why, but hey welcome T-Mobile.

Second FNG walks in the circle and says my name is RV and Quaker with a knee jerk reaction blurts out Winnebago.  So Winnebago was named in approximately 1.5 seconds. No one disagreed and name was perfect.

Prayers for Headgear and I asked O’Douls to lead us out in Prayer.

Overall the Spin the bottle Q is really a fun way to mix things up and show the on the fly Q skills. Guys handled the change well and accepted the challenge which is great. Texas Ranger did text me, family always comes first and that’s exactly what happened here. Kids are the priority and that’s where he needed to be this am.

Thanks men for accepting the challenge of Being on Q today even though that wasn’t the plan.





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