Who is Doug Shaw anyway???

Who is Doug Shaw anyway???

Workout Date:





One Call, Lombardi, Boxcar, Hoser, Headgear

The Thang:

Elevation Monday- lately its been the battle cry of us heading to Charlotte (in 12 days!!!) to complete the GORUCK Star Course, a 50 miler slugfest we need to complete in 20 hours…….or no patch!  For this weeks Elevation to prepare for Charlotte’s hills, it was Doug Shaw!

We have 8 strong heading up, works perfectly for 2 teams of 4 (that were picked out of a hat at our Star Course meeting last week)

Team Alpha- Bling, Hoser, Lombardi, Weedeater

Team Omega- Valvano, One Call, Boxcar, Headgear

Slack channel over the weekend laid out all of the details.  there was 1 rule……SHOW UP.

wont go into the details of Weedeater and Valvano, lets just say they enjoyed a few extra hours of sleep.  insert comments here please.

anyway- we roll on.  Training has been fantastic the last month, guys really pushing hard with new workouts/elevation/weight to get our bodies ready for the humidity and distance ahead of us.  Picked up my car-pool Omega boy at 0435 and made it to DS for our 0455 meeting time.  the 6 of us with 3 60 pound sandbags walked into DS stadium (pitch black) and went over the rules.  Be careful on the metal bleachers, no injuries this close!  here are the details for the workout:

walk the steps- up,, over, down, over to the end- then turn around and walk them back to start point.  This was a nice push, and trying to keep up with Hoser is a lost cause.  Back to the start- 1 minute break- repeat again and back to start.

when completed, meet on track- Alpha team took the sandbags 1st- 1 lap, then Omega took the bags for 1 lap (.5 mile)

drop bags and rucks on the track, meet on the football field.  3 -50 yard sprints and 1 – 100 yard sprint.  nice push

5 minute rest and stretch- this has become s staple of the group- making sure we are really working the legs and large muscles properly.

got the 0530 call from Headgear.  so lets repeat, starting at the stairs again.  Did the 2 sets of stadium steps, this time it took much longer.  guys were tired, legs smoking.  ended together, #pickup6, and made it thru 1 more lap of each team carrying the sandbags.  0555- walked into parking lot for Endex.

I KNOW we are ready- the work put in by these dudes (and OC) has been solid.  we will be crushing Charlotte next Friday!

Announcements and Prayers.



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