Who’s on Q here?

Who’s on Q here?

Workout Date:





HoJo, Hamburglar, Varsity, Humpback, Bubbles, ScubaSteve, Karma, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: TheOyster

Conditions: 75 degrees, 99% Humidity

New AO.  AOQ, Karma, EH’ing like crazy for Qs.  Why not…its not like I have to be at work or anything.  I can try to get a double in…but the M realizing that I was working out later, asked to take that first morning spot and there goes my double workout morning.  Got a text from Hamburglar at 0548 asking if TheOyster is still on.  Made him wait a little for a reply and after checking the weather maps, it looked like the lightning would clear but by 0700.  Told him it would be a go and he said he is in!  Cool, so there will be at least 3-5 PAX now knowing Karma and Bubbles would be there and Varsity too if he wasn’t in Charleston.  I have a few goodies in my truck we can use.  Got to the AO to see Hamburglar and Karma scoping things out.  Other PAX started rolling in.

1 Minute Warning – Bubbles walking in from out of nowhere.



SSH x Waiting on Varsity To get out of the car so…31. IC

Merkins x10 OYO

TTT x10 IC

Windmills x15 IC  – Humpback pulls in

Merkins x10 OYO

Everyone here or is someone going to pop out of the dumpster????

Let’s Mosey….Karma pops in with some ideas that have been swirling in his head for a Q and talks about the park nearby…so okay, I’ll play along…lead the way Karma…Then Karma asks if he just took over the Q.  No, Karma, you are just the navigator so shut your pie hole and lead the way.  Not sure where we are at this point but remembering not all that long ago when Karma was crying about doing an Indian Run halfway around the lake at Warthog.  About this point, Karma heads back to pick up the six, forgetting that he is the navigator.  We got him back in place and he led us to Memorial Park on Surfside Dr.

They have picnic tables…great!

25 2-count step ups

20 decline Merkins

15 BonnieBlairs

10 SquatJumps

5 burpees

Run around the trail where ever it may lead and back to the picnic tables

25 burpees

20 SquatJumps

15 BonnieBlairs

10 decline Merkins

5 2 count Step ups

Run around the trial and back.

25 more 2 count step ups and maybe some burpees

Mosey down to the Surfside Beach Fishing Pier beach access point.  Nice finely graded sand!

no time for 11s since Karma took us away from the AO but there is time for 7s.  Let’s go!

Burpees —-> Run through the sand to the Emergency Access sign —-> SquatJumps —-> Repeat

Time for a quick beach pic. Now, recover walk to Ocean Blvd.  jailbreak/Run to the 25 mile/hour sign.  Hold Al Gore on the 6.

10 squats.  Jailbreak to the 2nd Ave South Sign/Surfside Realty.  Hold Al Gore on the 6.

10 squats.  Jailbreak to the 4th Ave South Sign.  Hold Plank on the 6.

10 Merkins.  Jailbreak to the 6th Ave South Sign and recover on the 6.

Hard Jailbreak to the AO and 5 Merkins.


Announcements – IronPax.  Sign up now!; FreedToBleed.  Sign up. Give Blood. Save Lives; 2.0 workouts still going. Get out and have fun.; GrowRuck.  Get your mind right for Springtime.  Lots going on at Exec Meeting.  Look out for a newsletter coming soon from Weasel!  It will include a calendar full of 1st, 2nd and 3rd F events.

prayers – Sally – Finance Job; Hodgy – Health – DonK – Health – JessicaAndBaby – health – JoeS – health -Disconnect – USAF EOD training Qualifier today.  Spoken/Unspoken


Turnout out to be a great morning for a workout!  Numbers were good and I didn’t use my goodies since we had too many PAX. Maybe next time.  Anyone with some flexibility on Mondays and Wednesdays should check out TheOyster.  We all worked hard.  Was fulling expecting Bubbles and Hamburglar to eat this up.  They did. Smiles on their faces when it was all over.  Humpback, ScubaSteve and Varsity recovering from previous injuries and pushed hard through this.  HoJo pushed hard too.  Hopefully, he noticed the difference between my Catapult Q and today.  We did run and do burpees today.  Karma was real chatty at the beginning wanting to take over the Q but quickly quieted down as we got into the park.  Maybe it was the 25 burpees.  He pushed through and finished strong.  Kinda nice leaving the proximity of the AO since everyone has to push to get back on time and we made just in time!  Great work by all!  It’s an honor to lead!  Thank you!

Headgear Out!!!!


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