Who’s on Q?

Who’s on Q?

Workout Date:





OneCall, Bling, Soft Shell, Valvano

The Thang:

37° – cool and clear

When YHC took the dog out last night around 2200 there was a chill in the air and my weather app showed 42°.  Scrolling over revealed an expected temp at 0400 of 49° – nice!  Luckily I checked again before leaving the house … 37° !?!?  Alright, throw on an extra layer and head out.


I tried typing the entire workout up, but honestly, couldn’t remember the order of the majority because: a.) we made it up on the fly after some Q confusion, and b.) I nearly passed out halfway through because of that extra layer.

Needless to say, we put in 90 minutes of work.  Our legs were smoked (ruck/sandbag lunges and squats, stairs, parking deck mosey), our core was smoked (LBCs, BBSUs, American Hammers, Flutters), and our upper body was smoked (merkins, dips, curls, triceps extensions).

We managed 3 miles as well.

Count-O-Rama – 4

BOM by Weedeater (after his SaltyGears buds left him)

It was a great morning of fellowship.  Feeling like I was going to pass out/merlot all while sweating profusely and freezing really sucked, but the support from my brothers was awesome.  No hesitation to take a quick cool down lap and let me get my head right.

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