Wing it at the Plank

Wing it at the Plank

Workout Date:



Jetah (2ndfQ)


Castaway (Plank AOQ) Candy Cane, and Fargo

The Thang:

Q sheet came out, and I had to get my Q for the year out of the way. Rolled up to the plank, and saw only Castaway waiting in the lot. Hoping we could at least make more than the usual 3 at the plank, I was glad to see Fargo show up, as he said he would when he called me the day prior. We started warming up with some side straddle hops, and the normal stuff, when who should appear but Candy Cane himself, guess he drives slower than he runs. After a quick little warm up, and catching up on the holidays we did a quick mosey around the track before getting everybody’s favorite coupons. Starting at the goal line we headed downfield  stopping every 10 yards to do some block exercises… which there are either not a lot of, or yhc doesn’t know many. Once we got to the other side we jailbreaked back, then had to hit the bleachers in true Plank fashion. Return the blocks, rinse, wash, repeat every 10 yards back across, finished with a gourmet side of murder bunnies. Thanks to all who came out, and THC for Castaway for running the Plank. Thoughts and prayers go unspoken, but are there.

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