Wise “Man” Day 3

Wise “Man” Day 3

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Star Log Date 12/11/19- Day 3……  All alone this AM as I drive down to Waverucker for the best day of the week.  Day 3 of the Wise Men tour hits Warthog for a 90 minute beatdown.  But where is my co-Q??  where?  He’s in Raleigh in court defending his client in the now famous “ass-less chaps” lawsuit.  Cannot wait to read the verdict and see the images

So- knowing this last night, I had to make adjustments to my solo workout.  Laying in bed at 8:30 after a long hot tub, I came up with a gameplan for the morning.  rolled in at 0425, grabbed my speaker for Xmas tunes, met the Dudes in the lot and gave the instructions.  no sand bags, no water, no elevation (not much!).  just some rucking, PT, tunes, trivia, and most importantly, fellowship.

We have been doing a “Santa Claus” DORA the last 2 days, so I wanted to stay in the same frame.  So today was just “SANTA”!  Here is the plan and the movements.

S- Stairwell- to the top of the deck

A- A10 warthog- to the planes!

N- Nacho Hippo

T- Travinia

A- AO homebase

at each locale we did the following:

S- Super Squats- 30 IC Rucks on chest

A- Awesome Amer hammers- 30 IC holding rucks

N- Negative curls- 30 with rucks

T- Terrific Triceps- 30 with rucks

A- All out Above ruck holds- 1 min (and then increase 10 seconds at each locale)

Coming back from the planes I gave the PAX a quick 10  question test on Xmas movie lines!  for every correct answer, I would take 1 rep off!  Group got only 4!  Please freshen up on these great movies over the Xmas season boys!  By the time we got back to the AO, it was 0555 and I gave the group a gift of no reps- I wanted to read my Wise Men devotional.  Although Lombardi and Headgear heard this Monday, they all listened and I appreciate.

great push- great chatter and fellowship as usual for the best workout of the week!

Announcements- Xmas ugly sweater 12/21 in Conway under the water tower

prayers- Cheesy and Spinal from Blackbeard, family, travel, health, etc.


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