Wise Men Day 1

Wise Men Day 1

Workout Date:



Bling/One Call


Lombardi, Rubber, Headgear, Spork, ERC, Kiwi (respect), Brown Bag (respect), Crankbait, Boxcar, Humpback, Odouls, Hamburglar, Backdraft, Bling, One Call

The Thang:

Ho, Ho, Ho.  One Call and I came up with this stupid idea last month (my idea of course!) to visit each AO before Xmas, to not only bring joy to each PAX we see (everyone loves to see us…..) but to spread Holiday cheer- with proper form and maybe a little yelling!

soooooo, 1st stop on the campaign trail brings us to Bombsquad.  Since we started Elevation Monday (great job there Valvano….), we haven’t been to BS in a few months.  But no worries, this AO is strong and always posts solid numbers.  We created our beatdown, edited 34 times to take our merkin total from 952 from OC’s initial beatdown, to a more feasible 250.  sheesh.

pulled in at 0505, as BS starts at 0515…….. and placed our workout in the large lot and met some of the PAX in the lot.  49 degrees and overcast- flat out ugly.  disclaimer given, a few PAX rolled in, apparently they forgot we start on time, and away we go for the COP.

OC- 5 merkins IC

Bling- 20 TTT IC

OC- 5 diamond merkins IC

Bling- 20 SSH IC

OC- 5 wide arm merkins IC

Bling- 20 CDD IC

OC- 5 HR merkins IC

Bling- 30 arm circles IC (15 front and 15 reverse)

OC- 5 tempo merkins IC

Well- now that our shoulders are smoked, lets actually start the workout!  Mosey over to large parking lot for our Santa Claus Dora.  I grabbed my phone and speaker to play some solid Xmas music!  Here is the DORA- 100 reps of each as we partner up.

S- squats

A- awesome merkins

N- Never cross Dolly

T- Travolta Merkins (this was hilarious watching)

A- American Hammers


L- Lunges

A- Alernate shoulder taps

U- Up/Downs (High knee then burpee)


Partner 2 would mosey to end of lot and back.  Solid work by some, real solid work by others………nuff said there

keeping an eye on the clock, we moseyed back to the flag- I had a Xmas devotion I wanted to share with the group on the Wise Men.  Will share this with all the AO’s.


prayers/announcements- Backdraft wife and expected 2.0!!!!  Nice work!  Crankbait and the bikes tonight!  Info on Slack (too bad ERC will never see this BB or any of the info we talk about together!!). Xmas time, family, brotherhood, etc.

OC led prayer out

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