Wise Men Day 2

Wise Men Day 2

Workout Date:



Bling / OneCall


Mater, Papa Smurf (Triple Respect), Pluff Mud (Respect), Cheesy Biscuit, Esau, Heisenberg (Respect), Spinal Tap, Birthday Boy, Softshell, Bling, OneCall

The Thang:


Day 2 of our #ChristmasGiftToThePAX as the #2WiseMen traveled south!  Bling picked me up and we tried out the recently and finally opened 31 all the way to 707…which once you get off 31, you are only like 75 miles to Blackbeard.  Next time we will take 17.  Arrived on scene and heard some moans and groans OF JOY from the PAX seeing us two coming in to lead!  Some weird remarks about merkins.  Set things up in the nice parking lot across the way, back in time for 1 minute warning and Disclaimer!

Bling – 20 SSH IC
OC – 5 Merkins IC
Bling – 20 IW IC
OC – 5 Diamond Merkins IC
Bling – 20 TTT IC
OC – 5 Wide Arm Merkins IC
Bling – 20 Flutters IC
OC – 5 Tempo Merkins IC
Bling – 30 LBACs IC (15 forward and 15 reverse)
OC- 5 HR Merkins OYO

Mosey to the parking lot.  Bling sets up Christmas tunes, show the PAX the sheets taped to a pole and various bushes.  #SantaClaus DORA!!!

Partner up!!  100 reps of each exercise DORA style cumulative reps and P1 exercises and P2 runs across and back and rinse and repeat until the finale!

S – Squats

A – (Awesome) Merkins – some were awesome and some were…ok

N – Never Cross Dolly (brutal)

T – Travolta Merkins (gotta say, these BB guys got some rythem….they were getting into it, hips swaying, finger out…looking good.  I think it was Cheesy singing Staying Alive, Staying Alive – but it sounded like Mantenerse con vida, Mantenerse con vida).  Not exactly the same beat, but it worked!

A – American Hammers (count right side)

C – CDDs

L – Lunges (count each time knee hits ground – looked like 5 reps total were done!  HA!)

A – Alternate Shoulder Taps (count each shoulder)

U – Up/Downs (modified these to 50 for time and so no one passed out)


Mosey back to SF.  Bling had his awesome Christmas devotion.


Count-O-Rama – 11
Prayer requests – Cheesy’s daughter Lydia
Prayer requests – Weedeater’s dad and family
Prayer requests – Spinal Tap family
Prayer requests – Heisenburg traveling kids
Prayer requests – Esau dad hip replacement
Prayer requests unspoken

– An amazing trip to #Blackbeard!!  Well worth the 88 minute drive!!!  Great men there going strong all the time!!!
– We missed you all at the Christmas party.  Mark it down now – 12/12/20 is the next one!!!!

– Fostering Hope bicycle drive was our giving back #OperationSweetTooth this year.  An incredible incredible job!!!!!  25 bikes, 1 trike, and 2 scooters.  100% of the need met by the #HIM of F3GrandStrand!!
– Be on the lookout for a 3rd F email coming mid-December


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