Wise Men Day 4

Wise Men Day 4

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Bling / OneCall


Quicksand, Beaker, Enron, Weasel, Burgandy, Honey Don't (RESPECT), Sinkhole, Viagra (RESPECT), Cubby, Bling, OneCall

The Thang:

HUGE debate.  My phone said 30, feels like 28.  Bling’s car said 37.  We’ll go with go with 33 and with the NMB wind chill by the water, a solid negative 40.

Day 4 of our #ChristmasGiftToThePAX as the #2WiseMen traveled to see our northern elf Brothers!  Bling picked me up and we talked about Billboard and his ***less chaps from yesterday.  You had to have been there.  Got to the beach to put up our DORA signs.  Well, I put them up as Bling sat in the warm car encouraging/yelling at me to hurry up as I battled the wind, the tape dispenser and the cold metal poles!   Mission accomplished – to the parking lot.  Saw some old regulars that we miss and love and then some new blood.  Saw my Brother Quicksand – in a FBBC shirt.  Whatever.  F3 shirts for Christmas!!!  Disclaimer – they may smell a little.

1 minute warning.  Disclaimer.

Bling – 20 SSH IC
OC – 10 Merkins IC
Bling – “So…we’re doing 10 now?”   OC – Evil grin – but no I’ll be kind.
Bling – 20 IW IC
OC – 5 Diamond Merkins IC
Bling – 20 Tempo Squats IC
OC – 5 Wide Arm Merkins IC
Bling – 20 TTT IC
OC – 5 Tempo Merkins IC
Bling – 30 LBACs IC (15 forward and 15 reverse)
OC- 5 HR Merkins OYO

Mosey to the beach.  Bling sets up Christmas tunes, show the PAX the sheets taped to the poles – a few demos of new exercises.   #SantaClaus DORA!!!

Partner up!!  100 reps of each exercise DORA style cumulative reps and P1 exercises and P2 runs to the beach, to the water line and back and rinse and repeat until the finale!  Gotta say, the distance was perfect, but the sand itself and the uphill portions were beasts that quickly wore us all out!

S – Squats

A – (Awesome) Merkins – some were awesome and some were…less than awesome.  Keep trying!

N – Never Cross Dolly (brutal again – they don’t seem to be getting easier)

T – Travolta Merkins (So much fun to watch!)

A – American Hammers (count right side)

– CDDs

L – Lunges (count each time knee hits ground – or…..maybe if you move your leg – HA!)

A – Alternating Shoulder Taps (count each shoulder)

U – Up/Downs (modified these to 50 for time – as said earlier, the sand really slowed the moseying down and tired us out)

S – SSH [we did not complete]

Mosey back to SF.  Bling had his awesome Christmas devotion to share with the men!


Count-O-Rama – 11
Prayer requests – Cheesy’s daughter Lydia
Prayer requests – Weedeater’s dad and family
Prayer requests – Spinal Tap family
Prayer requests – Flop and family
Prayer requests unspoken

– Our Tour has been a blast so far, and only 5 more stops!  We are beat.  But we know EVERY PAX wants to see us, and they shall!!!  It was great to see the old guard and meet some of the new!  Keep pushing dudes!!!

– Ugly sweater convergence – 12/21 in Conway!
– Be on the lookout for a 3rd F email coming mid-December


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