Wise Men day 5

Wise Men day 5

Workout Date:



One Call/Bling


Boxcar, Texas Ranger, Vit D, Beefsteak, OC, Bling

The Thang:

Star log 12/13….Day 5 of our sleigh ride thru the AO’s, delivering nothing but cheer and good looks to all the PAX.  From Timeshare to Blackbeard- Xmas cheer has been spread, the gifts of laughter and proper form given.  Moans have been heard and complaints taken to heart. But alas, we keep the sleigh full of gas (OC’s. new truck stinks) and arrive at the Village for Friday.  Weather- 46 and. cloudy- thank God we had Rudolph with us. (Rudolph is the midget living on OC’s attic- he wanted to come along today).

pulled into the lot, gate open, there were 2 cars!  OC took 9-10 minutes to tape the workout details to the fence, then wall, then sign- Oh screw it, leave it on the sidewalk!  Disclaimer given- lets start this debacle for the 5th day in a row……..


20 merkins IC


10 diamond IC

20 IW IC

10 wide arm

15 LBAC forward, then backward IC

10 tempo merkins

20 flutters IC

10 HR merkins- done.

turn on the Xmas tunes and go over the DORA.  Made a few changes from the initial workout so we didnt repeat for returning PAX.  100 of each of the following:

S- squats with blocks

A- awesome mule kicks on wall

N- Never cross dolly

T- tricep ext- with blocks

A- Air squared.  wall sit with overhead block

C- crunches with block

L- lunges (with or without block)

A- alternating curls with block (or “CURLES”- depends on how you read or type….)

U- up/down surrenders with block.  brutal, this will be deleted from future workouts per me……


It was about the time of the Curls when we all noticed TR’s truck turn on by the gate.  We all didnt know what was going on- I thought he was starting his car to get it warmed up!  Turns out his wife started the car- from their house by the phone app, as she was using the car to go to work early!  TR had forgotten this and had to rush home, taking Boxcar with him!  #doghouse.

the remaining 4 PAX completed, OC demonstrated the “Travolta” merkin (I watched), then took the new blocks over to the coupon pile.  For no reason whatsoever (or to just get me angry) OC decided to do more work with the heavier blocks.  So we did 30 flutters IC holding block, and 10 alternating merkins on the blocks, because 32,000 merkins this week isn’t enough.

back at the AO, I read my devotion like I have every morning.  Prayers and announcements. Time.

Wise Men out!

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