Wise Men Day 7

Wise Men Day 7

Workout Date:



One Call/Bling


Lombardi, Valvano, Headgear, One Call, Bling

The Thang:

Star Log- Day 7. ¬†Feeling sore, tired, no relief in site…….

Monday- Elevation-Doug Shaw- here we go!

OC picked me up at 0440, made our way over to the stadium. about 46 degrees and clear- Valvano was looking for meteors all workout long.

had the SANTA workout from Waverucker last Wednesday, so I figured we would report (anything to get away from the 396 merkins we’ve been doing everyday…..). ¬†Easy routine- we made it thru 4 rounds

ruck a lap, then a set of stairs, back to track.

S- 25 squats- IC

A- 25 Am hammers IC

N- 25 Curls IC

T- 25 Triceps IC

A- Above ruck hold 50 seconds and increasing 10 seconds each round

time was perfect (total shocker with me Q’ing), we ended with announcements, waited for OC to get off the track, and prayed out.


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