Wood is Good

Wood is Good

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One Call, Lombardi, Fergie, Castaway, Tiny Dancer, Nails (2.0), My Pleasure (FNG-2.0), Bling

The Thang:

Elevation Monday- one of the 2 days of the week where the bootcamp is a little different…….for good reasons!  SO when Valvano (AOQ) needed a fill in for Boxcar (mad cow disease…..again), I was more than happy to fill in.  One Call didnt want to co-Q with me (apparently the Wachabee- to- Oxbow rift is growing wider….I am sad), so I came up with a plan- and put the request out in Slack for the rucks, 60 pounders, and to meet at Beach Church at 0500 for some fun!

grabbed Lombardi, stopped by Bombsquad to grab a log, and made it to AO at 0458, hopping out and announcing the 2 minute warning.  OC had informed me that Nails would be coming, along with a couple other 2.0’s.  Turns out Nails and his buddy Kent made it out of bed.  Weather 41 and clear, disclaimer given with instructions for the FNG to ask for help/assistance when needed (kid seems like a stud).

coupons- 2- 60’s, 1- 40, 2 man log and 1 man log.  lets roll.

circle up for overhead ruck- about 30 seconds before going right into 10 overhead squats IC

20 SSH IC (no rucks)

front hold rucks for 10 front squats IC

20 SSH IC (no rucks)

TTT IC- holding rucks just off the ground to feel more in the hammys

20 Flutters IC- holding ruck overhead (or press)

10 arm circle forward and backward IC- with rucks.  full body stretched out and ready to conquer!

pair off in 2 groups of 3 and 1 group of 2.  about 10-12 feet apart for sandbag tosses back and forth.  Proper clean and wrist snatch prior to stepping and tossing bag to partners- good form!

next exercise, bag toss 30 yards and back with partner.  after tossing bag forward, 1 burpee.  all of these wearing rucks to feel the weight.  Solid work here.

with the 8 of us, we left the sandbags behind to make our way over the bridge- with just the 2 man and 1 man log. I set up partners and rotation ahead of time to make the switches easier and give the gents an idea of how/when to switch coupons.  Made it all the way over and back in about 28 minutes- with all PAX doing a great job of carrying that beast- props to Nails and My Pleasure for lugging that thing just as the rest of us did!  must be nice to be young……

back to the AO at 0559 (1 minute off as I had to wait for OC to take a leak……on church property…..). Had my devotional ready to read- asked the boys to circle up-  as I read- they overhead held rucks…..for a little more pain!  Kent was our FNG (Nails brought)- likes sports and pondering the military (awesome).  worked at Chik fil A and Castaway properly yells out “My Pleasure”. PERFECT!

TIME!  Awesome work today.  the log is a different beast and needs to be carried/thrown/yelled at/loved in order to get ready for GrowRuck.  there WILL be a log and heavy crap to carry- get ready.  wanted to carry that a longer movement (about 1 mile in total) and let us all feel that.

Announcements- Free to Bleed, we know the drill here.  GrowRuck- if you are signed up, you better get out to EM and Waverucker to figure out whats going on.

Prayed out.

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