Work was done….

Work was done….

Workout Date:



Valvano and OneCall


Lombardi, Bling, Disconnect, Fergie, Cotton Candy, Headgear, Valvano, OneCall

The Thang:

The usual, hot, muggy, ridiculous heat index.  So bad I got bit by a mosquito walking the 12′ from my garage to my truck.

Not even sure how this Q got started other than that Valvano and YHC are idiots.  There is so much drama surrounding the IPC that it doesn’t really seem to be promoting the core principles of F3, but to each his own.  Anyhow, we figured we would take the general idea, and make it….so….much….harder for the hardest workout of any week – #WaveRucker.  So V and I were back and forth with ideas and they just got harder and harder, and therefore more awesome.  We had a plan, sort of.  Hoser destroyed us at #EM, so there was that too, but V demo’d the original plan Monday night.  Well, V is a beast, and this plan destroyed him.  So we modified some, and I demo’d it yesterday morning.  Still way too ridiculous.  Now, it’s not that it couldn’t be done, but it was so ridiculous that all it would do would be to encourage cheating and crap reps.  Which is pointless.  Modifying things is fine, and we always build in some modifiers – that’s what good Q’s do – but cheating and crap reps makes no sense.  So, V and I fixed it up, had an awesome poll created mostly to call out Boxcar just for laughs since he despises a 60 lb sandbag and we are trying to make him get one, and things got finalized.  We thought we’d see Weasel and Cubbie.  Anybody see Brady Bunch?  50-50?  Boxcar???  Well, soccer player that he is – faked an “injury” to avoid the pain he knew was coming for being “light”.  And Hoser – president of all firemen everywhere – had work duties calling him – missed ya!

EVERYONE needs a ruck (with 30+) and a sandbag (60+).  We did use a few 40’s which are the “extras” for the guys that don’t have a sandbag.  And we needed to go deeeeeep to an 80 for Cotton Candy!!!!  He took the punishment like a stud!

1 minute warning and disclaimer.  Ruck and sandbag to this side of bridge.  Drop em.  Ruck a 1.1 mile lap at a decent clip.  Well done – blood and sweat flowing.
Grab bag.
Ruck over to Valor Park corneer
Here was the THANG that was done

Proper Weight                                                                                       Lower Weight

3 curls EMOM per timer – start with sandbag, go to ruck when needed 3 curls EMOM per timer – start with sandbag, go to ruck when needed
10 Ruck get ups – 5 each side 10 Ruck get ups – 5 each side
20 BBSU with ruck up and overhead; try to keep arms extended 25 BBSU with ruck up and overhead; try to keep arms extended
30 Hand release release merkins (try with ruck on) 35 Hand release release merkins (try with ruck on)
40 Sandbag Cleans with ruck on 45 Sandbag Cleans with ruck on
50 Bent over rows like Arnold would do 55 Bent over rows like Arnold would do
60 Side to Side RUCK shoulder press 65 Side to Side RUCK shoulder press
70 Ruck and sandbag calf raises 75 Ruck and sandbag calf raises
80 Carolina Dry Docks with ruck 85 Carolina Dry Docks with rucks
90 LBCs with ruck on chest 100 LBCs with ruck on chest
100 Sandbag on back Squats; drop sandbag when your legs are shaking 120 Sandbag on back Squats; drop sandbag when your legs are shaking


That was the plan that we finally came up with.  The final change to make this somewhat doable was – Every 10 minutes, we will recover ruck a lap around Valor Park; then come back and jump into it again wherever you left off.  This was truly truly brutal.  Everyone destroyed it, and got destroyed.  Reps were perfect.  We all watched each other and we wanted to push. And push we did.  HARD.  GREAT WORK MEN!

We finished with some final ruck and sandbag squats as a group, a final lap around Valor and them back to vehicles.


Count-O-Rama – 8
Prayer requests for Rubber, family, father who has been called home
Prayer requests for teachers and students and schools are getting geared back up
Prayer requests families in general, country and leaders
Prayers unspoken

– Wow wow wow.  That was insane.  Not the smartest to do it the day before too, but we had to get it right.  I think we did.  Thanks V!  You always inspire pure stupidity in our beatdowns!!!
Anyone else catch Lombardi chatting up the news lady?  Dropping names to break the ice…then when she asked his name, he said, I’m Matt, otherwise known as Tripod (take a second if you need to to get the joke)
Bling was topless halfway through.  Not sure why he actually starts with a shirt….just a suggestion for next time?
Great having Disconnect with us.  It’s a been awhile since he rucked with us.  Of course, he isn’t going anywhere til mid-2021 the way things have gone so far, so he has plenty of time.  Also, great job finishing this workout 1st.  In 12 minutes I think?  O wait, that was when Bubbles timed it for IPC.  Seriously strong work tho!!
Fergie – BEAST mode challenging Bling for Best Sweater (and not the one you wear)
Cotton Candy – got stuck with the 80 for a bit, and that was miserable!  Strong strong work!!
Headgear – guessing the lightest guy here, cranked out reps with full weight and his new mini afro.  The barberships are open now Soto.
I say it a lot – but as always with this group, amazing work and fellowship!!!

– #FreedToBleed – October 30 – it is LIVE!!!!  App, website, whatever.  GO sign up.  12-6pm – slots wide open.
– Cotton Candy – looking for assistant coach for kid’s football. Great opportunity to mentor to kids – last year 51 kids on the team, 38 from single parent homes. #IMPACT  Talk to him if you have football experience and want to help PT.
– GrowRuck in March/April 2021 – Weekend of Leadership Development Training – No experience needed.  Read some BB’s or AAR’s on these things.  They are amazing opportunities for each of us to grow personally as leaders and to help our region reach new levels!  Nothing to be scared of non-ruckers.   You can handle it with a little training and guidance from the ruckers.  #AnythingSotoCanDoEveryoneElseCanDoBetter



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