Workout Date:



Kiwi (2XR)


Brandon (R), Rocky Top, Gable, 2.0 Moleman, 2.0 Tank

The Thang:

Conditions: Yellow (lots of pollen) and warm – really nice morning for a block workout at Sharknado. I was pretty tired up a little later than normal last night and with this being my 2nd Q and 4th workout this week I guess I was kind of feeling my age – ha ha!

5:15 rolled in and I had placed the flag and was sitting in my car thinking am I going to do a block workout on my own or am I going to go back and fartsack this morning? Well I was saved by the one an only F3 Rocky Top rolling in from up North to join me for a block workout! Then low and behold right on Q F3 Gable, 2.0 Mole Man, 2.0 Tank and F3 Brandon rolled in! It was a party and I was saved from my own possible laziness.

F3 Gable gets his name because he wrestled and was a huge fan of Dan Mack Gable one of the greatest wrestlers of all time who was recently awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Trump. 2.0 Moleman also wrestled middle school/ JV this year and F3 Rocky Top was a high school wrestler and now referees at the HS level here in Horry County along with his teaching duties. 2.0 Tank looks to be headed towards a wrestling debut since F3 Gable (DAD) is actually starting a wrestling program at Timberlake Baptist Church where this AO is located – Wrestlemania!!!

Warm up

TTT – 15

Stretching – still sore from the stretching F3 Brandon put on us at Sharknado on Monday – good stuff and we don’t do enough of it.

Tempo Squats – 15

Harry Rockettes – 15

Imperial Walkers -15

Hillbillies -15

SSH – 15

LBAC F/B – 15 followed by Seal Claps and Cherry Pickers

To the block pile and back to the flag for a Dora style block 100s

Partner up for 100 curls, overhead presses, and bent over rows with the other partner sprinting down the parking lot to the cones and back

Under the awning for Block supported BBSUs, Merkins (22 for our warriors), flutter kicks with blocks held over head. Down to the curb for a round of rocky balboas and then returning the blocks for Pax choice Mary.

Pax Choice Mary

F3 Brandon (always does burpees so started with him) 15

AOQ Kiwi – Heels to Heaven IC – 15

2.0 Tank – drawing a blank here up he did something ha ha

F3 Rocky Top – Burpee / Merkin combo – can’t remember what these were called but butt kickers – 8

F3 – Gable – Monkey Humpers – 15

2.0 Mole man – Squats – 15


COT – prayers for music program (specifically F3 Gable doing sound) at Timberlake to support re-modeling at Salem Church, Wrestling Program – Timberlake, and other announced and unannounced.

Always an honor to lead and grateful to F3Rocky Top and the Sharknado faithful who come out to support the AO.