YHC delivers a Snotwoggler and then some! (OLIVE, posted by OneCall)

YHC delivers a Snotwoggler and then some! (OLIVE, posted by OneCall)

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Lombardi, Varisty, One Call, Jingle (respect), Bling, Gnarly Goat, Papa Smurf(respect), Frankin, Early Bird, Cheesy Biscuit, Hoser, 5050 Meatball, Widdle, Beaker, Wendell G, Mayhem(respect), Timber, Olive

The Thang:

Not sure what YHC was doing in committing to a Q in Grand Stand during a mini vakay.  Late night text from Lombardi asking if ready to Q and look at properties in the Grand Strand.  My reservations about leading these group of men were profound as YHC was bruised and battered putting together school donations…found the opposite to be true.  Arrived 10 minutes early to notice a familiar face in Gnarly Goat from the LKN region there.  Happy days.  He mentioned he was hoping for a lighter workout nursing some calf tightness in preparation for the BRR.  Sorry to disappoint.  Some introductions to those I did not know…hugs for those I did.  7am came real quick and during a hot and humid Grand Strand day…we were off.

Warm O Rama

Quick mosey to the filed and circle up next to the shovel flag.  Sorry I did not bring the OST flag as customary, she knows my intention.

41 IC Side Straddle Hops…in honor of Dipstick

10 IC Cotton Pickers

10 IC Imperial Storm Troopers/Walkers

10 IC Toy Soldiers

10 IC Mountain Climbers


The Thang:

Leading up to the workout, I had many different ideas in mind.  Nursing a slipped disc and recent ailments, I thought of a light workout.  However, I would be disappointed in myself if I did not “bring it” and live up to Sharknado from the 4th of July last year.  I decided to go all in…sorry GG


Burpee Mile- or at least ¼ mile.

Partner up

Partner 1 broad jump burpees while partner 2 does 20 CDD’s.  Partner 2 catches partner 1 and flip flop.  Rinse and repeat until both cross the finish line completing a ¼ mile around the track while dodging goose poop.


Next exercise- Dirty Dora. YHC known for adding reps to Dora and usually adding burpees.  Well we got our fill.  So partner one runs the opposite end of the track while partner 2 does 200 Merkins, 400 squats and 600 low flutters. Rolling count.  Flip flop, rinse and repeat as many times as necessary until all reps completed.

Found out that the coupons normally held at Market Commons have been destroyed.  Uh Oh.  Good memory but this changes things.  What will YHC do?


Lets revisit the track.  Lt. Dans for all!  4 lunges then a squat around the track.  ¾ done until YHC realized time running out.  Audible to Lombardi to start Mary (and Finish) while I get my phone.


Mary-  Missed a one or two exercises but caught the Mason Twist, pretzel crunch and 2 minute plank with arms and legs off the ground.

Recover Recover


COT  Lombardi took us out…okay with me.  Many prayers for the Pax including a couple for OneCall.  Appreciate OneCall calling out YHC and the work I do in memory and honor of my daughter.  Gave thanks to my brothers of the Grand Strand for supporting Toy and School Supply Drive.


Salty Moleskin:  Many prayers, unspoken and spoken that need lifting.  The power of prayer is important.  Even if not answered, important to be heard…God’s will.

Honored to lead these baddass men of the Grand Strand.  Great to see some familiar faces!  Great coffeteria and next to the Olive Shoppe…home away from home!

Getting called out by my brother in arms, Gnarly Goat, for BS made me feel proud.  Not that I delivered a beat down…well maybe, but that I am trending back to my former self.  Grief, and injuries have sidelined me these past two past years.  A slip disc is not fun…but doing what I can…and doing what you can is reason to be out amongst my and your brothers.  No judgement ever.  You need it as I do.

I was at Early Bird’s VQ a couple years back.  Deck o Cards pain.  Found out he was a Kotter.  Thankful to have you out today and hope you continue to be present amongst your brothers.

Bunch of strong work from our Respect brothers.  Papa Smurf.  Damn.  Awesome job and way to lead brother.  HIM.

Thankful to my partner in crime of the day in Lombardi.  One of my biggest supporters for Operation Sweet Tooth.  Unfortunately, unable to get me a showing for some units this weekend.  Does he not want me to have a place to come to because of my beat downs? Curious?  LOL

One Call is always a beast.  Sorry I missed your Monday Q and your anniversary Q this weekend.  Quick trip and I needed to sleep at some point.

Bunch of strong brothers out here on the beach.  Proof that not living the beach life but sharpening their iron!

Mayhem-We have one in the LKN.  Both tough as nails…you at least rock head gear!

  1. If only Tweetsie cared to join us. Pastor life.  Awesome to see you on foreign soil!

In honor of Dipstick!

Live life.  Own every second.  Never, never take anything for granted.

Humbly yours-  Olive



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