You can sleep when your dead?

You can sleep when your dead?

Workout Date:





Fergie, Snips (respect), Jingles (Respect), hambuglar, Headgear, Wolverine, Stewie, spinal tap, Bubbles, Disconnect(YHQ),

The Thang:

70 something 100% Humidity,

Had the Q written out last night, made some small changes, this morning in the car. Added and extra round.

pull ups are such and essential part of a routine.
I really lack in this area, and I know a lot of us do.
I took a page form One-Call, and Headgear, we did pull-ups Saturday, but a lot of reps. Decide to use low rep count but still focus on form.

haven’t been sleeping well lately.
most likely due to the upcoming stress of leaving for a new adventure.
I wouldn’t really call it stress more a mixed bag of emotions. Excitement, stress, wonder, fear of the unknown….. mixed all in a big bowl of, somewhere between…. what did I get myself into and Bring This Shit ON!

I digress.

woke up later than usual.

My alarm is for 0400 hit the snooze once or twice still fell good get up go run and warm up. Get the body ready for a good workout. Naw…. woke up at 0130 didn’t go back to sleep till 0300 or around there…. didn’t leave the front door till…. 0450

no time to warm up…..

anyway the THANG


one min warning , welcomed, disclaimer given.

25 SSH

20 I/W

5 burpees OYO

15 TTT

22 Merkins OYO

5 burpees

LBAC forward 20

OHC -20

LBAC reverse 20

5 burpees

Mosey over to play ground

Partner up,

Partner A

Partner B

1st round

A- Pull ups 5

B- low plank


A-15 merkins

B- low plank


A-25 squats

B- hold Al-Gore


Second round

A-Chin ups-5

B-Dead hang


A-Wide arm merkins-15

B plank hold


A-Sumo squat -25

B- hold Al-Gore.

Round 3

A-Blingies-8 ( grunt optional but needed or perfect form)



A-Diamond merkins 15

B- side plank hold / low/ high PAX choice

A-Jumpsquats -25

B -burpess

Round 4

A-Knees to bar, 10


A-Ranger merkins 15



B-al gore

Round for to kill time if needed.

Ring of Fire style. In line,


One man hangs feet off the swing

10 merkins pull legs to chest.

Go till done. 1 round

Indians run around lake bridge to bridge. (Optional)

Round of Merry. Each PAX

20 is the limit anything goes


mosey back to AO,

count off.


prayers for Teachers and schools and students spring Horry and the U.S.



really not my best beatdown, but I broke a good sweat. Watched a few PAX struggle.
Will be on Q at Bombsquad in the AM figured I’d catch them one more time before I leave.

Always an Honor to lead.
Write your worries in the sand chisel your victories and stone.




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