Your pants are falling down….

Your pants are falling down….

Workout Date:





Rocky Top, Texas Ranger, Crankbait, Brown Bag (RESPECT), Sunshine, Vitamin D, High Interest, El Red Cardo, Redcoat, Boxcar, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

…Is what I was told by several of the PAX as we were doing some squats.  I thought so, but quite frankly, since it was below 30 and I couldn’t feel my 6 or my legs as the workout began, I wasn’t sure.  We did get warm quick!

6 #HIM were disbursing from QSource as the 1 minute warning was given
Rocky Top was stuck outside the gate.  Sunshine I believe let him in as the COP began

SSH x 20 IC
TTT x 15 IC
IW x 20 IC
Windmills x 10 IC
Plank; stretch calves
22 Merkins single count cadence – #22Kills

Mosey to frozen field.  Cones set up.  Lots of cones.  1 in the middle, and then 8 in a large square around it

For this 1st thing, we would just use the outer 4 cones/corners of the square

Start at a cone, do 1 burpee
Mosey to next cone, do 2 burpees
Next 3, etc etc
For 6 minutes.  Go as many as you can and remember your number

Called at 6 minutes, everyone to center.  Partner up – some fairly close fitness level
Brown Bag chose me – #ThanksForOverEstimatingMyFitness!
We would stay in pairs for a push with each other and accountability

Round 1
Run from center to a cone, do 15 Merkins
Run back to center, do 10 Jump Squats
Next cone, 15 merkins, center, 10 jump squats
All 8 outer cones – 120 Merkins; 80 jump squats
Al Gore on the 6

Round 2
Same thing – exercises would be CDD’s at the cones and Prisoner Squats in the center
Plank on the 6

Round 3
Same thing – exercises would be 2 count flutters at the cones and BBSU’s in the center
Hold 6″ on the 6
Recover on our 6 for a second as the burpees were brought back up

Remember your #?
START at the – # 12 for some, 11, 10, 9 whatever.  Then run around and REDUCE the number by 1.  8 minutes – 2 extra than the start and we were tired so let’s see!!  Huge T-Claps from YHC to Brown Bag for pushing us to finish this…without him I would have probably made it to 3 and lost 2 rounds.  I hope everyone got em all in!

Head back to flag for TIME!

Count-O-Rama – 11
Prayer requests for Beefsteak and M and “BabyWatch”
Prayer requests for High Interest’s Cousin and marriage
Prayer requests for Stewy and M and new baby boy in the oven
Prayer requests unspoken
Praise report for Handy’s approval for adoption
Praise report for Brown Bag’s daughter – President’s List at USC!

– Quite simply – ridiculous work by everyone this morning.  Every man worked non-stop and worked hard.  It was a beautiful site to behold as men pushed and pushed for 45 solid minutes!  And that just pushed each man next to the other.  Great job!
– Not sure where Crankbait was laying down though, but his entire back was covered in dead grass.  Good thing his M got him a seat protector for that #SweetRide
– Brown Bag turned our 8th Merkin cone into booyah/pattycake merkins.  Extra hard!!!
– Rocky Top – the code is the 1st 4 numbers of our local zip
– Redcoat had been gone a week, but you wouldn’t have known it!
– When I told everyone to partner up by fitness level – a few told El Red Cardo he was on his own!
– Texas Ranger continues to get stronger and stronger with every beatdown!
– Sunshine and Vitamin D kept on and on and on.  Great to see
– High Interest was bored today.  He didn’t have any weasel shaking to do in this group!
– Boxcar was quiet in his red hoodie, but I did hear there is some trouble in his #Bromance.  Apparently #TheIntern is taking some of Skidmark’s time.  O, and Podcast is meeting Rousey’s mom!!!  They are taking things to a whole new level.
– Along those lines, nothing to fear about the #BestBromance – it is still going strong – Bling was just wore out after leading a great #WaveRucker Q yesterday to honor #RobbieMiller, and then having to drive 7 hours, since ya know, that drive interfered with his usual “soak and nap” routine.

– QSource – GREAT work – Principle 3 and 4 were covered – Group and LDP – If you can make it out at 0445 on Thursday, DO IT!
– P200 – Get with Sunshine or Hot Tub and get him $$$ – HC now!
– Hopefully everyone saw the 1st email blast with some cool data on one of our Brothers – Texas Ranger.  We have a few more in the kitty we will send out every other week or so, but feel free to email with your answers to the questions and we can add you to the queue (there you go Redcoat!)
– Starting tomorrow – February 1, our absent 1st F Q and our present Weasel Shaker are calling for a Merkin Challenge!  100 per day for week 1; 150 for week 2; 200 for week 3; 250 for final week.  Includes those done at beatdowns.
– Next Wednesday will be #2ndF Lunch.  Place TBD hopefully before 11:30 AM on that day and hopefully a place that is not shut down by DHEC
– Ground Zero Dragon Boat – April 27.  Brown Bag on Q.  Get with him.  DEFEND our championship!!!!
– We have a “networking/business directory” in our Slack Channel.  The linked is pinned, so get on it, and it can be a great resource for guys looking for someone in a particular field.  For example, as we learned from the email blast – Texas Ranger is a Bridge Engineer!  So, if you need one.  Boom!
– Boxcar said to come back to #TheVillage tomorrow if you want.  There “should be” a good Q.  Since he’s on Q I guess he hasn’t written it yet, but we all know it WILL be a good Q.  There is also running at Hulkamania and lifting heavy stuff at Beachbells





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