Ain’t nothin’ but a “G” Thang, Baby! (Grandstrand meets Greenwood)

Ain’t nothin’ but a “G” Thang, Baby! (Grandstrand meets Greenwood)

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Uncle Jesse (Guest Q - Greenwood SC)


Uncle Jesse, Early Bird, Strut, Papa Smurf, Birthday Boy, Blacktop, Cheesy Biscuit, Heizenburg, Esau, SoftShell, Double Humpy, Bob the Builder, Mater, Airborne, Sandman

The Thang:

I’m confident the Grandstrand AOs are inundated with PAX from across the country, particularly during these summer months.  For that, I apologize in advance.  I have attended BlackBeard’s Revenge and Market Commons over the past few summers, but this time wanted to bring a Q with me.  Fortunately, there was an opening and the AOQ was kind enough to get me on the Q sheet.  14 others decided to join me.

I typically post at “Fury” in Greenwood.  This AO is self proclaimed as the toughest AO in F3 Nation.  Who knows if that is accurate, but I wanted to ensure Fury’s reputation was upheld.  Given my limited knowledge of the AO, I planned an all bodyweight workout.  It went down like this.






F3 Greenwood founded the “Red Friday” workouts that you may see across some F3 Regions.  Our Red Friday “Hero” workouts typically consist of a workout designed and named after military member who has been lost.  Over the years, these hero workouts have worked their way into out normal AOs from time to time as well.  That said, my go to warm-up hero workout is “Brenton”.  This 5-10 minute workout is torture.  It goes like this:


3 Rounds

100’ bear crawl

100’ broad jump (3 burpees after 5 jumps)


Plank for the 6



Killer Bees

20 Bonnie Blairs (Count Both legs)

15 Burpees

40 Bonnie Blairs (Count Both legs)

30 Burpees

60 Bonnie Blairs (Count Both legs)

45 Burpees


Early finishers stay busy with 4 corners.  Run to Corner 1, 10 merkins, side shuffle to corner 2, 10 merkins, backwards run to corner 3, 10 merkins, side shuffle to start, 10 merkins.  Continue with Round 2:  Run to Corner 1, 10 LBCs, side shuffle to corner 2, 10 LBCs, backwards run to corner 3, 10 LBCs, side shuffle to start, 10 LBCs.


Wall Sit for the 6


Mosey to Picnic Shelter


Picnic Table Work



21 Box Jumps

21 Decline Merkins

21 Dips

15 Box Jumps

15 Decline Merkins

15 Dips

9 Box Jumps

9 Decline Merkins

9 Dips


Mr Ed (Extra Duty)

15 Jungle Boi Squat Jump Overs using the telephone pole on the ground

30 Leg Raises


Form 2 lines for a Burpee Indian Run – PAX at end of line gives 3 burpees and runs to front of line



20 Mountain Climbers (count right leg only) – Cheesy Biscuit

10 Burpees – OYO – Early Bird




  • Large Crowd made for a few audibles to the planned workout, but I’ll take that everyday
  • Great job by all in attendance.
  • At the start of Brenton, I quickly realized this AO has the best group of bear-crawlers I’ve seen to date.  BabyBlu would be jealous
  • Good to see my long lost travel soccer buddy, EarlyBird.  A lot of good times spent with that guy growing up.
  • For those counting (and depending on how you completed Brenton), that workout included around 110 burpees.  If I told you beforehand you would get up, go workout at 5:30am, and complete 110 burpees by 6:15 am, I bet that crowd would have been half as big.  But 15 strong pushed through and got better.  That’s the beauty of this thing.  In Greenwood, we talk about getting comfortable being uncomfortable in order to take it to the next level.  I love seeing that in other places as well.
  • I got myself a Guest Q patch, but not without paying my penance of 34 burpees courtesy of Cheesy Biscuit.


Great job Gentlemen.

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