Beautiful Morning for a Tour

Beautiful Morning for a Tour

Workout Date:





Skimmer (respect), Cropduster, Rocky Top, Judge Judy, Hedge Hog, Candy Cane, Pikachu, Rousey (respect), Bounty Gate, Killington, O'Douls (CP AOQ), Laces

The Thang:

AO Catapult

Conditions: A beautiful 55 degree morning

I was originally scheduled a few weeks ago to lead my second Q, but ended up quarantined with my 2.0.  Hedgehog graciously stepped in to cover for me, and I agreed to take his next.  And what a trade it was!  It was perfect weather for a beat down.

1 Minute Warning

F3 Mission Statement

Proper Disclaimer



SSH x 25

TTT x 15

IW x 15

Hillbillies x 16

LBAC forward, reverse x 15 ea

Tempo Squats X 15


The Thang

AO Tour:

Mosey to Block Pile – grab a large block and head to the small parking lot.

Curls x 25

Overhead Press x 25


Mosey to Concessions

Squats x 25

Step Ups x 50


Mosey to Big Parking Lot

11s: Merkins and Big Boys – end up doing 55 of each exercise with plenty of running in between


Mosey to the Flag Cross

Rocky Balboas x 50

Calf Raises x 25


Mosey to Blocks in small parking lot

Bent Over Rows x 20

Tricep Extensions x 20

Rack blocks


Mosey to Patio

Partner up for (50) Chicken Peckers – 1 does the exercise while the other runs to the fence and back.

Wall Sit – 24 count – Pikachu must have forgotten what number comes after 11 and 23.


Circle Up



American Hammers x 15

Dying Cockroaches x 15 (Judge Judy)

Flutter Kicks x 15 (Hedgehog)

Box Cutters x 15

Crunchy Frogs x 15



2/1-2/28 – Shield Lock Challenge started this week, runs through February.
2nd F Lunches – Crabcakes Co Thursday (MI)
2/4 – Freed to Bleed, this Friday at St. Mark Coptic Church.
2/12 BombSquad AOQ Handoff to Cross Stitch
2/17 Catapult – 3 Year Anniversary
2/22 Catapult – Crop Duster VQ
2/24 Catapult AOQ Handoff to 1st Base
2/26 – 2nd F at Myrtle Beach Lanes, M’s and 2.0s encouraged
Honor to Lead.


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