BackBlast Kid Rock/F BOMB!!

Kid Rock/F BOMB!!

YHC was pumped for this Q as usual!! I rolled up to see One call and Bling already out getting the bells ready. Ended up with a total of 7 Pax for the workout which is great numbers. The weather is starting to get warmer so you know the Tanktops were in full effect!! THE …

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BackBlast Metal Militia

Metal Militia

Conditions: High 40’s and windy. YHC figured that with many of the usual PAX possibly participating in the GRT/L this weekend that there might be a need for a Q.  There have been some awesome workouts by the pros at #BeachBells and I am always learning something new when I post. YHC rolled into the parking …

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BackBlast You look amazing….

You look amazing….

That’s what Rousey told YHC on this, my 45th birthday!!!  He kept on and on with the compliments.  #FlatteryAppreciated Conditions Eh…Almost…..TANK TOP weather..still a little cool – 54 degrees With many of our regulars heading to the Swamp Fox (good luck men), YHC wasn’t sure who would show.   Rousey and Penelope gave the old HC, …

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BackBlast SHHHHHHHHH!!!!


It is Cold.  That is all.  YHC is getting antsy to get back to tanktop weather as I know the other PAX are as well.  Something about a bunch of guys in tanktops that will get you out of bed in the morning.  #eyecontactalways. YHC called for the workout to be done in the parking …

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BackBlast Race Prep Continues

Race Prep Continues

The weather conditions were more typical of a pre-spring dawn: 43 degrees and mid-range humidity. The Pre-Run: Bluegrass, Mudslide, Etch-A-Sketch, and YHC rolled off the Rock Lot at 04:45 for a range of 2-3 miles depending on your pace and goals. When YHC got back to the AO he noticed that Woton and GrassPatch had …

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BackBlast Don’t Not Do Something (ie, Do Something) #DoubleNegative

Don’t Not Do Something (ie, Do Something) #DoubleNegative

Conditions TANK TOP WEATHER IS BACK!  66 degrees There’s something about putting on a slightly too tight tank top, possibly a ladies version, that just screams bad***ery.  Last night Wolverine was still battling sickness (get well Brother), so YHC usually defaults the Q here.  Which I love.  And which I had been stealing stuff like …

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BackBlast 4 Outstanding men and their weights

4 Outstanding men and their weights

Conditions: 40 degrees; we assembled in the parking deck. YHC offered to Q in an effort to give the AOQ (Wolverine) and oft QIC (One-Call) a break and just show up, throw around some weight, get a good sweat and enjoy not having to herd this rambunctious cadre of alpha males.  It would seem that planning …

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BackBlast Slippage


Conditions Eh.  50’s.  Decent.  Windy at the AO tho made it feel colder.  Then it started raining Found out yesterday YHC was gonna Q as Wolverine is out with the flu.  Come up with something that would destroy us all.  Mission accomplished. 100 lb KB 2 x 80 lb KB 70 lb KB 60 lb …

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BackBlast 916 lbs

916 lbs

Conditions Freezing.  29.  Frost everywhere.  Including the cars.  #DefrostAlreadySoICanDriveWithoutPeekingOutThisTinyHole Like most of the Carolinas apparently, we have a lot of PAX either down with the flu or other sickness or the M’s or 2.0s are and dad help is needed at home.  There have been a lot of sub-Q’s throughout the last few weeks and …

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BackBlast WHHHATTT!! 2 80lbers!!

WHHHATTT!! 2 80lbers!!

The Pax spoke (YHC Included) and decided to take our weights to the parking deck this AM.  It was a brisk 31 Degrees outside but a balmy 98 degress in the parking deck or as YHC has come to call it “The Pain Palace”.  Last week’s Vanity workout went so well I figured that we …

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