BackBlast Intro to Early Bird

Intro to Early Bird

Conditions 77. Humid Yesterday, EB had a FNG (CarMax).  The FNG was asking EB about KB’s.  EB asked YHC to confirm earlier start time.  YHC confirmed and said I assume you too will post since he’s your guy.  EB was a solid (maybe).  YES!  He showed.  But CarMax did not. Since it was EB’s 1st …

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BackBlast 100 lbs. of Good Livin

100 lbs. of Good Livin

Conditions: 80s with a little humidity and ground finally dry (enough) to swing the bells outside on our normal turf.  FIA across the parking lot taking their DRP — way to go! Kettle Bell (KB) Weights: 1 set of 40lbs., 1 set of 50lbs., 1 60lb., 1 70lb., 1 80lb. and the hulking 100lb. The F3 GrandStrand’s supreme …

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BackBlast Flashdance


No, not Flash dancing….the movie, Flashdance!! Conditions Debated last night and this morning.  We are like a bunch of old ladies.  Rain.  Yes.  No.  Maybe.  Ground is wet.  Penelope has new shoes.  Lightning.  On and on.  Executive decision made on drive in as lightning was BAD and no need to be holding huge hunks of …

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BackBlast Total Body Beatdown!

Total Body Beatdown!

BeachBells had a brief hiatus due to DR PAX but we were getting back it at today.  YHC rolled to the usual spot and the rain was coming down at a steady pace.  OneCall pulled up and we made an executive decision to take it to the back parking deck.  That only meant it was …

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BeachBells Friday the Girthteenth…Kettlebells Edition

Friday the Girthteenth…Kettlebells Edition

YHC doesn’t normally do the Standard but since Q’ing DR decided to double down. Quaker, Billboard, and YHC were ultimately punished by trying to keep up with the blistering pace of Bluegrass for some 400 training. Technically these turned into 480’s, but none the less all left stronger, and Billboard even asked for more post …

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BackBlast UFO’s???


Conditions 74.  Nice Wolverine is outta town so YHC gladly took the Q.  We have had some new blood the past few weeks, so the #weinke was written to hit every body part without a lot of “dynamic” KB movements that take a bit to master – don’t want any injuries.  Glad that happened as …

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BackBlast Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the Tiger

Conditions Hot and humid Normally, we allow Wolverine to destroy us at #Beachbells as he is AOQ and has a plethora of ideas each Friday.  But when he is out, he usually lets us know, and YHC or Mudslide (when he used to post with us) or Rousey will take it.  I always have a …

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BackBlast The 3 Amigos!

The 3 Amigos!

Conditions: 70s and humid!  YHC opted to hold the workout in the parking deck for safety reasons — wet grass from earlier rainstorms making kettle bells (KB) slippery while swinging.  In retrospect, the thick humidity combined with lack of airflow in the deck indeed does add a new level of suck factor to the workout, and YHC made a mental note for …

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BackBlast Kid Rock/F BOMB!!

Kid Rock/F BOMB!!

YHC was pumped for this Q as usual!! I rolled up to see One call and Bling already out getting the bells ready. Ended up with a total of 7 Pax for the workout which is great numbers. The weather is starting to get warmer so you know the Tanktops were in full effect!! THE …

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BackBlast Metal Militia

Metal Militia

Conditions: High 40’s and windy. YHC figured that with many of the usual PAX possibly participating in the GRT/L this weekend that there might be a need for a Q.  There have been some awesome workouts by the pros at #BeachBells and I am always learning something new when I post. YHC rolled into the parking …

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