BackBlast 3 Men or He-Men?

3 Men or He-Men?

Conditions: Mid 60’s & rainy YHC pulled into the AO to see his brother in tank top Wolverine already waiting for him. Jingles decided to take time away from living at work to show up & show us how it was done. With most of our “regular” (nothing regular about them) PAX taking the morning …

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BackBlast Simple Complex?!

Simple Complex?!

Conditions: Mid 50’s & foggy. (Perfect weather for Tank Tops) YHC arrived at the AO with sadness  in his heart because Penelope had 2 stitches in his bicep & wouldn’t be able to Q. YHC filled the void left by Penelope with his trusty Clubbell & a question WWCD? (What Would Conan Do?) Answer: Conan …

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BackBlast Casual Fridays are Brutal!!

Casual Fridays are Brutal!!

AO: The Village Conditions: 62 degrees, slight breeze, dry YHC thought about signing up for this open Q on Thursday night but waited to see if anyone else would take it. No one did, so YHC mentally committed to Q. When YHC arrived, he saw Redcoat and Rousey congregating in the main parking lot. Was …

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BackBlast Non Stop!

Non Stop!

Conditions: High 40s, dry, not as warm as my weather app forecasted, but still wore my sleeveless shirt per orders from the new AOQ! Equipment: Kettlebell (KB); weights: 1 20 lb., 1 30 lb., 1 set of 40lbs., 1 set of 50lbs., and 1 80lb.  Sandbag; weight: 1 60lb. YHC/QIC took the #BeachBells (BB) Q from Penelope who was going …

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BackBlast Something Special….

Something Special….

Conditions 47, wet.  Exec decision at #Warthog the day before – to the deck! Hamburglar, as the new AOQ was busy recruiting new blood, and old too I am sure, to when he put out an invite in our #mumblechatter channel.  Told everyone to come – I had something special for them.  To which I …

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BackBlast Kindness By 2 Great Guys!

Kindness By 2 Great Guys!

Rousey Vs. Vitamin D Conditions: Mid 40s, dry, optimal for high fives, words of affirmation, kind gestures and hopefully a big group hug! YHC/Co-QIC with some prompting from the Weasel Shaker registered for the last spot of F3 GrandStrand’s Q vs. Q challenge. Little did I know that I would be going head to head …

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BackBlast BeachBells 3-8-19

BeachBells 3-8-19

YHC showed up to find 3 PAX already getting work in on the parking deck.  Great Job Guys! Conditions are always perfect in the parking deck. The Thang: Same warmup as usual 10 swings on all weights up to the 60lber to get loose and get the blood flowing. Right into 10x Chest Press with …

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BackBlast Need. Bigger. Muscles.

Need. Bigger. Muscles.

Conditions 52.  Wet – we were in the parking deck Wolverine out.  OneCall in! Had a plan in my head.  It worked out absolutely perfectly.  Very happy about that as were all the awesome dudes this morning who got much much larger!!! All the usual KB weights were there, and a 20lb plate and a …

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BackBlast Free The Bucket!

Free The Bucket!

Conditions: High 50s (yes that is correct in February), dry, slight wind — opportunity to go sleeveless!  #sunsoutgunsout. Equipment: Kettle Bell (KB); weights: 1 set of 40 lbs., 1 set of 50 lbs.,  1 60lb., 1 70lb., 1 80lb.  Sandbags; weights: 2 60lbs. (I believe).  70 lb. Smooth & Handleless Bucket: weight; 50 lb. sandbag …

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BackBlast Keep Moving!

Keep Moving!

Note: Impromptu Q; details are a little fuzzy; expect embellishment & inaccuracies. Conditions: High 30s, dry sheltered from most of the elements in the parking deck. Equipment: Kettle Bell (KB); weights: 1 set of 20 lbs., 1 set 30 lbs., 1 set 40lbs., 1 set of 50lbs., 1 60lb., 1 70lb., 2 80lbs. and the hulking 100lb. …

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