BackBlast Running for Cover

Running for Cover

AO: Hulkamania Conditions: Perfect Per the weather app, a cold front was coming our way and temperatures would dip into the low 30’s for Saturday. Today, however it was still warm, 59 degrees, which is not too bad for November. There was a slight breeze and oh yeah it was raining. GOOD! Running in the …

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BackBlast Racing Thoughts

Racing Thoughts

AO: Hulkamania Conditions: 72 degrees, crescent moon Last evening 3 PAX HC’d for the 1st post Mini Marathon Race. YHC was first to arrive and had a difficult time exiting the truck. YHC felt somewhat unmotivated. Was it the Blues because the training for the Mini had ended? Was it general fatigue? Or was it …

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BackBlast The Unofficial Mini Marathon

The Unofficial Mini Marathon

The Bad News Well, Tropical Storm Nestor decided to be a punk and mess up the schedule for the MB Mini Marathon. The city felt that it wasn’t going to be safe enough to put up any of the traffic barriers while the storm was rolling through the area, so instead of postponing the event …

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BackBlast The Purr-fect 30 Minute Run

The Purr-fect 30 Minute Run

AO: Hulkamania Conditions: 50 degrees, clear skies 5 PAX assembled for the last official run prior to the MB Mini Marathon. Sunshine, Flyover, Vitamin D, Hottub, & YHC all took their DRP this a.m.  Twitterless ERC gave a SC last evening but did not post and although Skid Kong HC’d last night, the #Sandman would …

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BackBlast Runners Gotta Run

Runners Gotta Run

AO: Hulkamania Conditions: 58 degrees, cool YHC arrived at the Hulk to find a full parking lot and Skidmark (aka King Kong) backing his F150 out of the lot to find additional parking. YHC followed his lead and parked in the ‘overflow’ lot just north of the Pavilion.  The “H’s” were there: Headgear & Hamburglar …

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BackBlast Unofficial Hulkamania Half Marathon

Unofficial Hulkamania Half Marathon

AO: Hulkamania Conditions: 72, slight breeze, no humidity So this is it. The long awaited ‘long run’ of the week (Each Sunday PAX stretch our run time in preparation of the MBMini). This week’s ‘long run’ was special because it was 2 weeks prior to the Mini and the official running schedule (Thanks again High …

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BackBlast Desperately Seeking Skimmer

Desperately Seeking Skimmer

AO: Hulkamania Conditions: 72 degree, somewhat sticky As YHC rolled down River Oaks Drive, vehicles were turning onto Frontage Rd B heading for the Hulk, because why else would anyone be driving on Frontage Rd at this time of the day!! It warmed my heart to see all this activity, and with Hottub DR again …

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BackBlast Runnning in All Directions

Runnning in All Directions

AO: Hulkamania Conditions: 79 degrees, Humid YHC arrived at the Hulk to find 3 vehicles but only 2 PAX in the lot.  Headgear & Hamburglar were there but who was the 3rd PAX? Upon further inspection it was determined that Vitamin D had arrived early & left at 5 am for a solo run to …

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BackBlast #ElevationMonday LAUNCH

#ElevationMonday LAUNCH

Conditions 79, a little humid, which led to slick bleachers 1 minute warning and disclaimer Wow!  When we decided to launch #ElevationMonday YHC was honestly somewhat skeptical.  It had been an off-the-books ruck workout for a number of months, but we wanted all of the #HIM in F3GrandStrand to benefit from it, so we’d open …

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BackBlast Running Passed YHC

Running Passed YHC

AO: Hulkamania Conditions: 75 degrees, less humid   DISCLAIMER: YHC has taken it upon himself to write a BackBlast for Hulkamania  each week, but how does one write a B.B. when one is not in attendance?? . . . read on to find out. YHC put a call out to all Hulkamaniacs last night that …

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