A message from Kitten

A message from Kitten

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F3 Grand Strand PAX,

As you all know, F3 exists to help men grow as leaders in the community. If you’re like me, F3 has made a difference in how you lead at work and at home. It has helped you get the day started right so you can make a big impact in the community each day. With the support and accountability of other PAX, you are stronger than you were before–physically, emotionally, spiritually.

If F3 has impacted your life like it has mine, then I want to invite you to help some other men in our community experience this difference in their lives, too. Beginning Saturday, July 14, we will launch a “missional” AO at the New Directions Men’s shelter at 1005 Osceola St. in Myrtle Beach. Each Saturday from 7:30-8:15 a.m. there will be a workout right there in the parking lot of the shelter. This is a great opportunity to support other men just like we have all supported one another. Here are a few ways I encourage you to help:

1. Post: I know many of you already post at other Saturday workouts, which is awesome. But I also know that many of you (yours truly included) don’t. Consider adding this as an additional workout to build relationships with these men. Those of you who work out early enough on Saturdays, consider working out at the shelter afterwards for the first few weeks to show these men your support. Also, for those of you who post at a variety of AOs, consider making this a part of your exercise rounds so these men know we are invested in them.

2. Show up for dinner: Wait a second. What’s dinner have to do with F3? A lot. Sharing meals with each other is one of the most fundamental ways people get to know each other. Meals break down barriers and power differentials between us and others. No matter how rich or poor you are, when you gather around a table, you both need to eat. On each Monday in July (the 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th), I will be eating dinner at the shelter from 7-7:30 to get to know the guys at the shelter. I invite as many as four of you to join me each time I go. You can come once. You can come all five weeks. Just sign up here so I know who to expect.

3. Pray: As you can read here, this kind of partnership model can do wonders for those who are in a shelter and those of us who aren’t. Pray for the impact this can have for the men at the shelter and for us, too. Pray for the possibilities of other ways we can be supporting and encouraging one another.

Again, thank you for the support you offer me and one another as we continue growing together. I encourage you to help extend this support to some more of our neighbors in the community!


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