March Madness Q versus Q

March Madness Q versus Q

Workout Date:



HIgh Interest


All F3 GrandStrand PAX

The Thang:

What: A competition to determine the best Q at each AO and crown the first Q of the year for F3 GrandStrand

Who: The first 8 GrandStrand PAX per AO that sign up. There will be a maximum of 40 PAX.

When: During regularly scheduled bootcamps during the month of March for the opening round and semi-finals. The Q of the Year Finals will be held Saturday March 30 at Warthog.

Why: Competition brings out the best in us all. Better Qs = Invigorated PAX = Better Community

The Logistics:

PAX will REGISTER HERE and select the AO they wish to represent. Each AO has 8 slots available. Registration will close on March 1.

Once registration is complete, the bracket will be announced on Saturday March 2. The opening round match-ups and the bracket will be randomly selected. The weeks of March 4 and 11 will be the opening round match-ups. The week of March 18 will be the semi-finals at each AO. The AO Finals will be held the week of March 25. The Region Finals, which will have the AO winners facing off for the title of F3 GrandStrand Q of the year, will take place Saturday March 30 at Warthog.

How the competition works:

Upon arrival at the AO, the Qs will flip a coin to determine who will begin the competition. The first Q will be have the 1st and 3rd 10 minute segments of the beatdown and the other Q will have the 2nd and 4th. Each Q vs Q will begin with the AOQ or other PAX not competing that day leading a 5 minute COP. The beatdown will then be turned over to the Q vs Q participants. So for example:

0530 – 0535 AOQ leads COP. Must end at the Flag

0535 – 0545 Q1 leads beatdown

0545 – 0555 Q2 leads

0555-0605 Q1

0605 – 0615 Q2 leads. Must end at Flag.

PAX in attendance will then judge both Q’s on the following criteria:

  • Creativity – Which Q was more creative with respect to the use of the AO and use of exercises?
  • Motivation – Which Q provided better and more meaningful motivation during his segments of the workout?
  • Overall Beatdown – Which Q provided the better overall beatdown to the entirety of the PAX in attendance?
  • Quality and Timeliness of Backblast – Which Q posted the more entertaining backblast within 24 hours of the competition.

The voting will be done via form on the website and all voting for the week will close on Saturday night at midnight for all competitions held the previous week. Results will be announced at the completion of each round.


Reasonable concessions will be made for scheduling conflicts as we want to avoid forfeits at all costs.


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