New AO SandBlox

New AO SandBlox

Workout Date:



Flash and Billboard



The Thang:

This is to announce a new AO!!!

AOQ’s – Billboard & Flash
New AO name – SandBlox
Location: Between Tropical Seas and the Crown Reef Hotels (Public Parking at 29th Ave South Beach access, MB)
Day/Time: Mondays – 5:15 am until 6:15 am (1 hour!!!) – STARTS MONDAY, JUNE 3, 2019

Description: Full body exercises with Cinder Blocks and some running.

Flash and I started this about a year ago and tweaked it into something of excellence – just look at Flash’s physique.  We started this when Flash was living on the water (and as a way to avoid WaveRucker since that was so hard), so we decided to enjoy the workout with a view and some muscle sculpting.  Flash has sculpted better than me…but I am getting there!!!

The workout consists of each PAX calling out an exercise when it becomes their turn.  One at a time, a PAX will call an exercise with usually 3 sets with the reps at 12, 10 and 8.  Sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on difficulty of the exercise.  After the sets are complete, we mosey about 75 yards out and back for the next PAX to call out an exercise.  This workout has grown on us and we try to keep coming up with new full body movements (google helps) to keep it interesting.  So far we have loved every minute of it and feel as though not only is it a great beat down but seems to be very therapeutic.  We will have some blocks with us, but we are thinking for PAX that want to come all the time or think they will be coming once in a while, that they would get their own block and brand it with their PAX name and F3 symbol or however they want to customize their block.  So come out June 3rd and give it a try!  You will not be disappointed!

Aye!! Billboard!!

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