Weasel Shaker Blog #1

Weasel Shaker Blog #1

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First I want to say it is truly an honor to be your new “Weasel Shaker”.  Truly looking forward to working with the executive board and taking Grandstrand to a new level over the next year!  We have a lot going on across the region.  AOQ Turnovers, Blood drives, CSAUPS, Hightower WOD, and Much Much More…

We opened a new AO on the North End- THE EDGE… A rucking crew, getting miles in on Monday mornings in NMB, so if you get the chance get up there and try it out

We are looking at expanding the south end, so keep your eyes out for a new AO down that way shortly!!  I just posted at The Oyster, and those boys are on a top tier level! I will be down there to Q soon.

FNG Numbers are UP!! So keep up the good work..  @Spork has done a great job at keeping your new joins informed and included.

Please keep posting your numbers on SLACK…  AOQ’s please follow up with the Q’s of your workouts and make sure the numbers are getting posted.

We plan on getting a NEW newsletter out, so be on the lookout!!

Nothing Else…  SYITG






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