12 Days of Christmas Caroling

12 Days of Christmas Caroling

Workout Date:





Boxcar, Texas Ranger, Quaker, Skimmer, ERC, Spork, WuzntMe, Sunshine, Beefsteak, War Eagle

The Thang:

Conditions– COLD ( mid 30s) and calm

I woke up earlier than normal and got down to the AO to prep for my 2nd Q at the Village (regardless of what Ranger thinks :)) I started the festiveĀ  jams, which may or may not included the farting acoustic versions of Jingle Bells and many variations of 12 days of Christmas.

I gave the one minute warning and all 11 of us circled to start the COP- some not as cooperative as others (not naming any names Quaker & Sunshine)

F3 GS mission was stated and disclaimer was given.


20- SSH IC

15- Harry Rockets IC (a new one to this AQ so a demo was needed)

15 – TTT IC

15- Windmills IC

20- Hillbillies IC

15- Imperial Walkers IC


20- LBOC (in reverse) IC

15- Overhead claps IC

We all moseyed over to the coupon pile to grab one block per PAX and advised PAX to meet back at COT. I went through the “12 Days of Christmas” exercises in ladder type style:

1st Day= Mosey around parking lot

2nd Day= 20 LBCs

3rd Day= 15 Merkins

4th Day= 35 Squats

5th Day= 20 Overhead Press w/ Block

6th Day= 22 SSHs

7th Day= 25 2ct Flutters

8th Day= 25 Mountain Climbers

9th Day= 20 Curls w Block

10th Day= 20 Lunges

11th Day= 25 Shoulder Taps

12th Day= 12 Burpees

At 5:50a.m,. I advised PAX that we have 3 more minutes to finish up strong where ever they were in workout. 2 and 1 minutes warnings called. Note- for next time, to cut the reps a little bit shorter as most ended up on Day 11, however, we all worked hard right up until the end- constant movement and get better by all. We returned blocks and made way back to COT.

MARY was the next series of exercises:




Announcements- Holiday party tomorrow at WWP clubhouse/fundraiser for Boxcar’s daughter for soccer in Sweden (6pm-10pm & both $25), Operation Sweet Tooth, and Christmas Saturday Convergence on 12/21.

I prayed us out.

Thank to you each and everyone who came out to support me for a BIG Friday! See you all tomorrow night for some fun!



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