Ascending Lines at O.D.

Ascending Lines at O.D.

Workout Date:





, Cubby, , KaPow, Viagra, Manwhich, Hungryman, Sherwin(FNG)

The Thang:

Comfortable temp in the 60’s. It was almost time when Cubby rolled in.  Guess its gonna be you and me buddy.  Then the Clown car rolls in with 4 people.  Kapow, Manwich, Hugryman, and FNG (Sherwin) arive about 5:17.  Apparently Sherwin sells paint and doesn’t like Sherwin Williams brand. So I hear there is a Merkin challenge of sorts going on so I figured we should do a few extra.

20 SSH’s IC – 10 Merkins OYO

20 TTT IC – 10 Merkins OYO

20 IW’s IC – 10 Merkins OYO

15 LBAC’s IC Forward,Backward, OH Claps – 10 Merkins OYO

Mosey to O.D. parking lot at Ocn Blvrd.

At every other line do 1 Merkin ascending 2,3 and so on till 10. Merkin total at 95 if math is right. No Quaker Q but hey.

Run a recovery lap around parking lot.

Next round BB Sit-ups (Same format) run lap

Next round FK’s (Same format) run lap

Next round CDD’s (Same format) run lap

Next round American Hammers (Same format) run lap

Final round Alternating shoulder taps

We came to the realization that we were also doing Turkish Get-ups the whole time picking ourselves up after each set of reps

Close to time.  Got to do a few Burpees.  Especially for Kapow’s sake.  5 Burpees OYO.

Mosey back to A.O.  Time!

Counterama.  Name given to FNG.  Cubby prayed us out.

Blast as always.  Aye!



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