Last 2021 Timeshare Post

Last 2021 Timeshare Post

Workout Date:





Malpractice, Jeter, Seahorse (Cape Fear) Viagra (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions low 60’s. I arrived to find Malpractice and Jeter there.  Seahorse comes running up just as we were getting started.

20 TTT IC,  15 Good Mornings IC, 20 IW’s IC, 20 Mountain Climbers IC,

Let’s Mosey towards Ocn Blvd.

We have adopted a new kind of Indian Run here at Timeshare. I call it the “Malpractice Run” Malpractice has a slower pace than most so we put him in front setting the pace while the pax in the rear drops and does a designated amount of Merkins or Burpees then runs back and files behind Malpractice.  This time we dropped and did 3 Merkins each time.

We arrived at parking lot behind Bueys on Ocn. Blvd for the main event.  Went as follows:

Four Corners. After doing the 10 reps of a given exercise at each corner we run to center and do a designated exercise.

Round 1 – 10 Merkins, 10 Wide arm Merkins, 10 Alternating Shoulder taps, 10 Floyd Mayweathers.  (5 Burpees in center between corners)

Round 2 – 10 Big Boys, 10 Hello Dollys, 10 LBC’s, 10 4cnt Flutter kicks, (10 Heals to heaven between corners)

Round 3 – 10 Squats, 10 Sumo Squats, 10 Prisoner Squats, 10 Alternating squats, (10 jump squats between corners)

Jeter mentioned that he was a first time Timeshare guy.  He somehow got the gumption to crawl out early and check us out.  Must be Mystique and reputation we have created here. :-/

If you haven’t made it up here yet, 2022 is a new year.

I though we would do a mini Timeshare Tour. No, You don’t get a free gift or Walmart gift card afterwards.

Off to the park led by Malpractice Run.

Once we reached the “Yoga Mat”, I thought it would be a good time to do some Woolie Worms on the swingset.  Pair up. One pax does Woolie worms while other pax runs around the bathroom facility then switch. Uhhhggg..

We mosied over to a picnic shelter for 25 Dips and 25 Step ups.  Time was drawing near so once again we did the Malpractice Run back to the AO.

Time a little Mary

Malpractice – LBAC’s 10 forward,10 back,10 OC’s,  Seahorse – Low Plank while we each took turns counting 15 seconds, Jeter – Plank Jacks I think. This is when my morning memory get’s fuzzy. LOL..

Time! Always an Honor to Lead. We all got a little better.

Announcements : Anniversary Convergence at Bombsquad (6-7 then Coffeeteria  at Early Riser Diner)  29th of Jan. – 6pm f3 lazertag @ Ultrazone 2.0s encouraged, m’s friendly. Dinner at Coast pizza around 5.

YHC prayed us out.




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