Rain? What Rain?

Rain? What Rain?

Workout Date:





Burgundy, Lamont (Anderson Co. N.C.), Viagra QIC

The Thang:

I arrived at 5:10 to find an unrecognizable white SUV in the lot.  This could be a down range person or just someone parking there over night.  You never know what to expect at our AO in the gloom.  Burgundy rolls in with less than a minute to spare.  Out pops Lamont, a downrange pax who comes every year while the family does the NMB vacation.

20 SSH’s IC, 20 TTT IC, 20 IW’s IC, 20 Tempo Squats IC,  LBAC’s 10 forward, 10 backward, 10 OC’s, 10 Moroccan Night clubs IC.

Rain was looming.  Off to the park to do The Thang.

We arrived at the fountain and started with 25 step ups.  Then 25 BB sit ups. 25 Incline Merkins.

The rain started coming down pretty good so we mosied to the picnic shelter.

Time for a little Dora.

100 Merkins, 200 LBC’s, 300 assorted (100 squats, 100 Lunges, 100 Heals to Heaven)

Pax Choice – Burgundy 40 IW’s, Lamont 20 Monkey Humpers, Viagra 5 Burpees – got to have some Burpees in a workout.  Well not really.  Sounds good though.

Almost out of time so we mosied back to AO.


Burgundy prayed us out.  Prayers for Gabe, foster child Burgundy’s family have been nurturing for a while.

As always, fun and a privilege to lead.


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