Get to the Core

Get to the Core

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Disconnect, Backdraft, Headgear, Humpback, Fergie, Karma, Hughie, and Bubbles

The Thang:

Conditions: Excellent! Can’t complain about fall in Myrtle Beach!

Legal disclaimer provided – I am not a professional…

Warm up: SSH, through the tunnel, windmill, hillbillies, and merkins

Mosey to the track for a one lap of Indian run (wanted two laps, but the track was a little flooded) and then over to the picnic tables.

Workout: Sets with decreasing main exercise (30-20-10), followed by core hold (60-40-20 seconds) and burpees. Each set has three rounds starting with 30 exercises, 60 seconds of core hold, and 5 burpees. The second set is 20 exercises, 40 seconds of core hold, and 3 burpees, and the third round follows the same pattern.

1st Set: 30-20-10 carolina dry docks, 60-40-20 seconds of plank, and burpees 5-3-1

2nd set: 30-20-10 dips, 60-40-20 6 inches, and burpees 5-3-3

3rd Set: 30-20-10 merkins, 60-40-20 low planks, and burpees 5-3-3

4th Set: 30-20-10 step ups, 60-40-20 wall sits, and burpees 5-3-3

Took a short mosey and returned to the picnic tables for abs.

Similar approach to the above. This time 25 big boys, 40 lbcs, 20 flutter kicks and 5 burpees. We went through that twice and reduced the counts by 50% on the third round.

Mosey back to flag for a round of Mary and finished up.

COT and prayers lifted up. Thanks for the hard work gentlemen!

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